Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dani: Shelly is Sketchy as Hell

after Shelly leaves the HOH after chatting with Dani and Kalia.

The POV is over, and Brendon won.

FYI Shelly visited Dani yesterday to make sure Jeff and Jordan won't go up, so the visit just now must have been to try and save Jeff or Jordan from the nomination block.

Dani already told Jordan that if Brendon or Rachel came down off the block, she would go up, but she would be safe.  But if Shelly keeps pushing the issue she is going to make Dani re-think her decision.

Brendon kept cheering for Rachel during the competition and it irritated Dani.  Jeff almost won, and was within about 2  seconds.  Apparently he wouldn't listen to someone (Jordan?) and that is what cost them the win.

After the win, the Brendon and Rachel celebration made Dani sick.  Dani thought it was going to rain afterwards.  (like a storm?)

Dani really wants Brendon to go home.  She thinks he will "play the martyr" and take Rachel down from the block.  He can go home and work on his PhD.  Dani doesn't want Jeff and Jordan to go home this week, so she's worried about her nomination.

Kalia:  Like, I'm so like, tired of like, the people who are like.......

Dani WILL NOT put up Jeff.  She plans to "threaten Lawon's life" if he won't vote with her, but they need Adam.  She might end up putting Shelly up to try and make sure Brendon goes home.

Kalia tries to coach Dani on what to say to people, but Dani says no, she wants to do it her way.  It's either Jordan or Shelly going up at this point.

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