Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dani on Jeff

Dani:  Jeff has a lot of fans...let's see, he was on Big Brother Season 11, he hosted a competition on Season 12, he was on The Amazing Race, and he had his own show to travel around the world!  I would hope he has a lot of fans....I didn't get the hype about him...I mean, he's cute and all, but I don't think he's hot.

Lawon:  Me either..

Dom:  He's a super cool guy

Dani, quickly:  Yeah I really like him, I just didn't get it back then....

Dom's sister is a huge Big Brother fan but if he asked if she knows Jeff, she wouldn't know him.  But if he asked her about "Jeff & Jordan" she would know immediately who he is talking about.

Dani jokes that his sister would be excited that Rachel nominated and evicted Dom, and Dom adds that Jordan nominated him, too!

NOTE:  If you don't know, Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan are onto Dani, and I think the latest plan is to vote out Dominic and keep Adam.  This will shock Dani, but they will blame it on other HG if they can so Dani doesn't know what is up for a few weeks.

Dom:  Can you guys help me stop swearing?

Dani:  Your attitude is terrible.

Dom mentions that Lawon drops the Eff bomb when he gets mad.

Dani:  I think it's a sign of low intelligence to swear a lot---there are so many words in the dictionary--why would you use the same ones over and over....

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