Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cracks in the DCA

As Dani whispers with Dominic about the need to split up the power couples.  She knows she is the bottom of the totem pole with the two couples, so she wants to split them up.
She thinks Rachel will go batshit in the house without Brendon.  She tells Dom that you have to look at the options of who is left behind.  I think Dani is really smart about this game, and is playing wisely by covering all of her bases.

Adam comes in to round up some laundry and Dani includes him on the whisperfest about Rachel.  Of course Adam would never betray Dani---he is so in love with Evel Dick that he can't see straight.
Oh comes Rachel.

Dani:  Oh, we're just in  here planning your demise! 

This comes off as a joke, of course.  Wink, wink.  Rachel comes in and starts talking about possibly using the veto.
Next thing you know, Lawon and Jordan are in there too but the moment is lost.  Dani is working it and I'm proud of her.  I would actually like to see her win.  I think she is a huge brat much of the time, but look what she's been through.  The odds have been against Danielle Donato for a long, long time.

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