Friday, July 22, 2011

Crack of Noon

The houseguests are up and about, moving around the kitchen.  Brendon & Rachel are downstairs now with the group.  Rachel discusses how you are always hungry on the Slop Diet, but it would be okay if you just ate it once in awhile.  Brendon got called to the DR and changed shirts before he went in there, for some reason.

Dominic is making a morning skillet dish, and Jeff arrives on the scene and is going to make one too, with bacon and leftover chicken.  He might find a way to use a left over pork chop as well.

Jeff discusses Dani and Dom being up at 3:00 am.  He went into the bathroom and found them discussing stupid shit like, do you like a dog or cat better?

Meanwhile Rachel is telling Porsche that they need her to win HOH next week and they want to keep her on the team. Jeff interrupts their conversation and there were a few awkward moments until he left the room.

Porsche:  If I win, I want Kalia to go...I don't like her and think she'll be a pain in the Jury House.

Rachel didn't respond to that, but starts coaching Porsche on what to think about to win.  She should think about what America might be up to...for example she and Brendon both made a mistake when they chose Lawon over Jordan as the person whose papers viewers would rather cheat off of..

Rachel:  Of course America would want to cheat from Jordan...they know her from last year!

Jordan needs to buy Jeff some knife skills classes since he enjoys cooking so much.  His technique gets the job done, but he will never win a QuickFire Challenge using the blade like that.

Rachel got two packages of sushi in her HOH fridge.  She tried to eat just one, but ate both of them.  Shelly is deathly allergic (so she says) to shellfish so she has to be careful with sushi.  I heard her say recently that if her husband has shrimp, she can't kiss him for about 12 hours.

That sounds kind of extreme...but whatever.

They are looking forward to the food comp because they are usually so much fun.  They try to guess what America will give them to supplement the slop diet. (Nothing, because I don't think there will be Have Nots this week.)

Dominic:  Beans and Bananas!

Rachel:  That would be a good one!

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