Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chef Jeff is Making Tacos

for a late lunch and Dom is "seriously stoked" for it.

Looks like meat, tomatos, turkey bacon and some spices so far.  You can hear it sizzle and Jeff knows how to flip the food in the skillet which is cool.

Dominic wants his taco shells toasted so he starts that effort.

Jeff wants a taco salad--no shells for him.  The lid is on the meat now, so the sizzling sounds cease.
Dom:  Are you a good eater?

Jeff:  Yeah...I like salad.

Dom:  So, if you're going out with your buddies, what would you get?

Jeff:  Seafood.

Dom:  What about lunch?

Jeff:  Lunch?  Probably a salad.

Dom:  Do you eat out a lot?

Jeff:  Yeah, when I'm workin'.  But then you kind of end up saying fuck it because everybody else is eating the good shit, like tacos.....

Jeff likes to get the three-packs of romaine lettuce because it's easy to work with.  Dom seems genuinely interested in this.

Dom gets down to it.

Dom:  You know what?  Whoever I'm up against, I should play a game of eight ball.  Whoever wins stays..

He gives props to "Big Dick" and say he was a great pool player.  Jeff brings up that it would be fucking insane in the house if Evel Dick was still there.  Dom didn't see BB8, but asks Jeff what he thinks--did he see it?

Jeff:  Yeah, I saw it.  That guy just had not filter...but he was funny. It could get really bad sometimes...

Dom:  It was great if it wasn't you, huh?  How bad did it get?

Jeff:  It was pretty bad.  There was this girl Jen who would talk about herself all the time and he just beat the shit out of her.

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