Friday, July 22, 2011

Chef Jeff Cooks it Up

There are loud sizzling sounds in the kitchen.  You can see all of the stuff that Jeff has chopped up for his skillet on the red cutting board.  I see red onions, scallions, bacon, etc.  Rachel brought her veggie tray from her HOH basket downstairs and is munching on celery dipped in salad dressing.

Dom is still cooking his breakfast, too.

Rachel read a Fun Fact from her Snapple bottle--koala bears sleep 22 hours each day!  Shelly said they should call Kalia Koala because she sleeps so much.  Brendon says that she sleeps all day and walks around and eats the rest of the time.  No one touches that one with a 10 foot pole.

Don't believe that about Kalia?  Well, the cameras show us this, right on cue.

The kitchen crew are talking about the Zingbot.  I'm pretty sure we will see the Zingbot this year on the show---I heard he was appearing at this weekends Comic Con in San Diego.  Brendon says it was "probably the best part of the show last year".

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