Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cassi's Brother is in Jail

or prison, more likely.

Shelly drops this bomb after coming out on the patio to talk to Brendon.  Cassi has previously mentioned someone in her family has drug problems, so I'm guessing drugs are at the root of her brother's problems.

Brendon asked about Cassi and Shelly says she knows they will probably go up on the block in today's POV ceremony, and that she will go home on Thursday.

Shelly:  You know, her family has had a lot of hard knocks, and this was kind of like throwing a bone to them, that there was hope.  You know, her brother's in jail.....everyone has a've been through this before.

Brendon brings up Matt Hoffman's lies last year about his wife Stacy dying.  Brendon says that he has ruined that for everyone after him---everyone will be suspicious from this point out.

Then Brendon says that Matt was a good game player besides the lies, and gives him a shout out at the RTVZone website.  (Matt has a live show on that website, where Evel Dick is the "Website CEO".)

They talk about Rachel's behavior at the POV competition yesterday.  Brendon is "upset that she said that to Jordan".

(In the HOH last night,  Jordan admitted she didn't even hear what was said!)

Brendon says that Jeff and Jordan really wanted Brendon and Rachel to win.  Shelly says that "Rachel came around and congratulated Dom", and that she does it because "her heart won't let her quit" and "there is nobody more competitive than Rachel".

Brendon:  That's why I love her.

(And that's probably why he will scold and berate her again today.  It's what they do.)

About Cassi:

Brendon:  If she turns out to be an international model, I won't be surprised...

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