Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cassi Makes a Shake

She is mixing up a protein shake which is a staple of the Slop Diet, believe it or not.  Kalia is shaking up something too, but it is a head of lettuce.

The head of lettuce somehow didn't make it into the picture, which is a shame.  I guess she just washed it.

Jordan just spent time making a wrap for Jeff with hummus and veggies and was about to take it up to the HOH for him, but he came downstairs and said he didn't want it. He said thank you, but it was an afterthought.

Lawon complimented Jordan on how pretty the plate was, and Cassi assured her that she wanted it, even if she can't eat it on the slop diet.  Jeff apparently doesn't feel well today and has been sleeping more than usual.

Cassi and Kalia were discussing some sort of birth control that Cassi uses (Miranda?) but BB keeps interrupting the conversation with time outs.

Jordan is soaking in the pool now.

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