Friday, July 8, 2011

Cassi Isn't Perfect

She has a zit on the side of her face, near her mouth.

Dominic gives his advice on popping it.  Kalia rummages around to find some sort of magic cream she has to eliminate it.

Kalia left the room and Porsche and Dominic are whispering.  About Keith, I think.  They are trying to figure out who to vote out, Porsche or Keith.

Dom:  It's me and you to the the end.

Cassi:  You know it's funny.  We've been here five days and the minute somethin' happens, they all fall apart.  They can't handle it.

(Rachel?  or Porsche? )

Cassi doesn't want to go in the DR with that big zit.  She's going to wash her face and take off her makeup and take care of it.

Cassi:  They probably won't want me in there without makeup.

She postpones her trip to the BR.  She wonders if they will bring someone else in to replace Dick--another alternate?

She wonders what the show will cover, now that the first eviction has already kind of happened.

Dom:  Probably a montage of me (laughing).

For someone who never watched the game before being cast, Cassi sure seems to grasp BB strategy, and can control her emotions, which will come in handy.

Will Alison Grodner bring in a replacement for Evel Dick?

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