Monday, July 18, 2011

Cassi Hates on Porsche

Cassi, to Lawon and Dom:  It's so funny how Porsche and Keith teamed up together---both terrible game players.

She tells them that Shelly hates Porsche because she is always telling Shelly how hot she is...that her brother's friends like to come over because she's the hottest girl they've ever seen, etc.

Cassi:  She's always tellin' everybody how hot she is..

Now they finally head to bed and Dom holds up some blue shorty shorts to the camera and Cassi huddles in the corner, laughing and trying to be quiet.  Are those Adam's shorts?  Maybe that is why it is funny.

Dom actually put the shorts on his head for a minute (hope they're his, then) and they settle in to sleep.  They are very punchy and giddy and keep laughing.

They share a big secret or two now, and I'll bet everyone will see that in the house.

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