Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cassi Has a Blemish

and gets her close up while she tries to take care of it.  Dominic is right there next to her, reveling in how gross it is.  Cassi tried to take care of it last night, but now it's back.

 Lawon thinks she needs to put something on that spot before she goes to bed, so she puts a little bit of face mask on it and he approves.

Now Porsche starts an uncomfortable discussion with Cassi and apologizes for some comment made last night.  It's hard to understand exactly what happened, due to Porsche's habit of overtalking without having a lot of actual content.

Cassi:  I'm just being real right now.  If I have a friend I hang out with, that's it, so if I've been standoffish with you that's why.  I don't think you like me and it doesn't matter.

Porsche is rehashing the whole boring Keith saga and it goes on and on.

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