Thursday, July 21, 2011

Calm Before the Show

The camera guy practices zooming in on different things.

Brendon has adopted yet another new accent.  This one is a computer-type voice and Jeff does it sometimes, too.  I think he is attempting to be the Zingbot.  Jordan says he sounds like a conehead.

Rachel is wearing this sparkly number that she got at Off Saks.  She asks if her boobs look big in it.

Dani:  Rachel, when do your boobs look small?

They discuss who is sleeping where tonight.  Brendon and Rachel are sleeping in Jeff & Jordan's old bed, and there are jokes about dirty things lurking in that area.

Dani:  Does nobody plan on winning HOH tonight?

Porsche's look is coming together, and Cassi has her extensions in.  This is her big night with the Chenbot tonight so she needs to look good.

Rachel asks if that is what she is wearing and she says no, she is just being comfortable now.  Rachel has some sort of issue with her huge jugs or bra or something and Porsche lends a hand.

Rachel is clipping her cheap extensions and looks like Cousin It.  She plans on wearing the extensions every Thursday night until Big Brother tells them there will be an athletic competition.

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