Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brendon Used to Work for Red Bull

He used to drive around in that Red Bull vehicle and do promotions.  He and Adam talked about the Red Bull soccer team in New Jersey.

Porsche had a dream that in the storage room, there was an extra door that led to a spa and gym that other ex-BB houseguests used.  You could go in there and chill out to relax from the game.

Brendon has a whole song about Cruddy, the Foul-Mouthed Elf.  Adam comes in at different places in the song to say "Fuck You Kid", and "I'll Give You a Fucking Toy!".  He is also the Creepy Elf--Brendon sings it several different ways and it is funny.  Adam waves his hands in an elf-like fashion along with the music.

His elf shoes have a slick bottom and he can slide in them.  On BBAD he did some dancing in them for the group.  He's a good sport and loves being the elf.

Adam:  Tori better hire me for her baby's 1st birthday.

Brendon sings about a restraining order.

Adam, in a gruff elf voice:  Tori, I'll put the baby down for a kiss!

They asked Adam what his girlfriend looks like.

Adam:  About 5'5", blond hair about to here (shoulder), big boobs, the mos beautiful eyes I've ever seen, big smile....

Everyone:  Awwww.

Jeff asked if she was curvy or thick...then apologized if Adam took that the wrong way.

Adam said she was all natural and it was all good.

Brendon, singing:  He's Cruddy, the Creepy Elf.  He only-had-to-wear-the-costume-for-one-week-but-he-wore-it-for-the-rest-of-his-life.....

Adam laughs.  He might agree to that to win a Veto.

Jordan is going to hear the Cruddy Elf song in her head for the rest of the day

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