Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brendon: I'm Going to Win this Effing HOH,

so I can rub it in her face!

The HOH lockdown will begin momentarily and should last for about 45 minutes.  Brendon and Rachel were discussing the competition with Jordan, who yawns and says her spider bites hurt.  She was bit on the arm several times last night.

Jordan: They attacked me!

Porsche is in the HOH bed already and Jeff comes in.  Brendon wants to borrow one of his baseball caps for the competition--he forgot to bring one.  They need the hats to keep the water (and whatever else) out of their eyes if possible.

Jeff inspected Jordan's spider bites and said it looks like she should pop them.  Jeff needs to poop but can't because Rachel is in the shower.  Jordan urges him to go in there, anyway---she did.  She ate some granola and had some fiber pills and that made it happen for her.

Jeff knocked on the HOH bathroom and told Rachel he was coming in to pee.  She giggled and said okay.

Porsche reports that Dom told her she should "be like Janelle and make an impact on the game".  They think there may be some sort of twist with the golden keys, maybe to pass them to someone.

Jeff is back already---that was fast.

Dani and Kalia are whispering in the bedroom.  Big surprise there.

(I wrote this email at least an hour ago, but a client called me and I never posted.  Better late than never.)

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