Monday, July 25, 2011

Brendon: I Hope Dick's Watching This

and thinking how stupid Danielle has been.

Brendon and Jeff have been rehashing his meeting with Danielle.  Jeff reports that he tried to talk to Dom this morning but Dom wouldn't admit to anything.  Jeff then said they would talk after the POV meeting.

(I heard Dom tell Dani that Jeff was bi-polar and flew off the handle during this conversation.  Dani said that Jeff calls his girlfriend stupid and everybody loves him.)

They discuss how Dani told Brendon that she has gotten further in the game than he has and that she did it all by herself.

Jeff:  She had her fuckin' dad in her helping her and doing all the work!  That's why he won!

Jeff has on a Trader Joe's T-shirt and so Kalia saw him this morning and said "good morning trader joe" and Jeff said "good morning traitor".  He and Brendon crack up over that one.

Brendon is literally holding everything together with the team right now and cautions Jeff that they can still work as five with Danielle, but they know they can't trust her and will have to get her out soon.

Jeff:  I haven't blown up yet....

Brendon:  Good.

BB asks Brendon to come in the DR and says this is a lockdown.

Brendon, asking BB:  Can you tell me if this is just for pickups?  Or is it the POV ceremony?


I wish my clients would leave me alone today so I can focus on BB---this is the kind of shit we all wait for!    Once again I predict Dani will be leaving----maybe quitting since she is such a poor sport.

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