Monday, July 18, 2011

Brendon Gets Nasty With Cassi

Their conversation started nicely in the kitchen, with Cassi telling him that he could have trusted her and she didn't understand why they turned on her.  Kalia was lurking in the kitchen (of course) and at one point Cassi asked her to leave so she could speak with Brendon.

She said she heard that Rachel was the one who wanted her out, but Brendon says it isn't just Rachel.  Basically, Brenchal heard that Cassi suggested that they need to be put up on the block.

At one point Cassi said:  You don't have to patronize me...

Brendon:  This is Big Brother---do you want me to draw you a picture?

The conversation broke down and Brendon ran back to the bedroom to tell Rachel, who was disgusted.  Brendon then turned to Porsche and said he was sick of Cassi swearing on her family.

Now Cassi briefs Shelly on the conversation, stressing that Brendon called her a liar.  (isn't she lying, though?)
Of course, Kalia joins them and throws in her two cents.
Cassi:  He told me that people on my side had already flipped and tell them every word out of my mouth, and I'm the ringleader...

(Ironic that she is saying this in front of Shelly and Kalia, who flipped!!!)

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