Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brendon Enjoys a Victory Slopcake

with Rachel, sitting in the bathroom.

Are they allowed to drink milk when they are Have Nots?

Brendon says something about Jeff's efforts in the competition and Rachel shushes him---Jeff is right there, she says.

Rachel, loudly:  Jeff is a great competitor!

(So I guess she knows Brendon will save her this week.  She needs to keep Jeff on her side with Brendon gone.)

Rachel is putting on make up and the camera guys try to get artsy about it all.

They had to guess a time that completing something would take them.

Oh shit, Brendon is thinking about using the POV on himself!  He thinks Rachel has a good chance of staying against whoever she is up against.

Rachel came in to whisper to Brendon something about working with Danielle again.....sounds like Jeff may need to worry.

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