Friday, July 29, 2011

Brendon and Rachel Make the Pilgrimage

upstairs to visit Dani.  Brendon starts off by saying he wants to have a personal conversation first, before talking about the game.

Brendon is hurt about what has happened, and what has been said.  So far Rachel is quiet, but she has been crying for a long time in the Tarot Room.  Fake crying and some real tears, too.

(I'm thinking that BB has asked Brendon to keep his scabby knees covered.  You can't just walk around a communal living space with bloody wounds.  You just can't.)

Brendon:  That time when Julie Chen threw that love shit at you, I was ready to go to bat for do anything...I felt like you were a friend.

Dani reminds them that she told Rachel that she was her #1 in the house.  She brings up how big a threat Jeff was, and if Dominic was a part of their group, no one could beat them.

(Dani:  PT  PT  PT  PT  PT  PT)

(Dani told Kalia a few minutes ago that she didn't want to talk to Brendon---didn't want them to come upstairs.  I think her mind is already made up.)

Dani:  PT  PT  PT  PT  PT


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