Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brendon and Jeff's Bromance

Rachel and Brendon are still going around and around.  Seriously, it is like children.  They both must really like to fight because otherwise why would either of them stay in this relationship?

Brendon brings up AGAIN how irritated he is that Rachel called him "Buki" in the backyard.  (This happened last week, which was a million years ago...)

Rachel:  Well you call me Buki in public!

Brendon:  No, I don't.

Rachel:  Yeah, it is all over your Facebook....hanging out with Buki today...hanging out with my Bukester....

Brendon is silent.

Rachel:  Sorry I didn't read your mind about that....

Then it comes up that Brendon doesn't like it when Rachel says "my fiance" in front of Jeff....

Rachel:  You just want to impress him!

Brendon denies it, but anyone who watches the feeds knows that is probably true.  Jeff detests Rachel and girls like her (but doesn't say that to anyone but Jordan) and keeps his own relationship issues private (if they even have any).

Brendon is thrilled to have a Big Cool Friend like Jeff in the house.  Last year he was the outcast pretty much from start to finish.  He thought he was friends with Enzo, but he found out differently once he got out of the house.  He and Jeff have good manly conversations, and Jeff is confident--he always knows what to do.

He's embarrassed to have Rachel around when Jeff is there.  I can't wait to see the POV competition where Rachel yelled at Jeff.  She's probably lucky that Brendon didn't pop her in the mouth.

I'm not say Brendon would be violent with women.....but I'm not not saying it.  He has anger and control issues and it is up to him to channel them appropriately.

Now they start whispering and plotting again.  Rachel thinks Jeff and Jordan have already started turning on them, and says that Jeff will win America's Choice again and they should just accept it.

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