Friday, July 8, 2011


Rachel and Brendon are going on and on talking about how many gallons are in a 5 liter jug.  Or something like that. I mean over and over with the equations and their scientific discourse over their calculations.  The calculations are designed to ensure Jeff will win HOH this week.

Jeff looks halfway to la la land.

What is that tattoo on Jeff's wrist?  Is that new?

Brendon thinks they should get rid of Keith so they can feel less guilty about their abs.  They laugh.

Jeff isn't sure about Cassi.  He doesn't think she is intelligent enough to pull off something in the house.  Jeff and Brendon think she "has more balls" then anyone else "on that side".

Jeff reports that the storage room and fridge were restocked.  Brenchal is pleased.

They had to wear red leotards in the competition.  Rachel and Brendon still have their's on.

Jeff asks Rachel to go talk about period stuff with Jordan this week.  He just can't take it.

(ha ha ha ha)

Brendon and Jeff strategize.  Brendon says they can't forget how much power they have this week--they need to use it for their advantage.

Jeff thinks today is Saturday.  Brendon really can't dispute it.

Did you ever think that you'd ever see Jeff and Brendon, both shirtless, in a bedroom alone, using multi-syllabic words?  Even if I weren't stoned, that would be a mindblower.

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