Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Big Lock Down is Coming

The houseguests are going to be "locked down for good" later today.  I think this means until the HOH competition takes place on Thursday night, so that is a strong sign of an endurance competition, which everyone expects to kick off the singles phase of BB13.

The crew always takes a loooonnnggg time to set up one of those endurance comps.  You know, there is rain, wind, and danger-inducing equipment to install, and test, and re-install get the picture.

Brendon is making use of the elliptical machine while he can, and is tracking his heart rate---164.

He is moving the pedals backwards at a pretty fast clip.  I know Brendon looks good, but he really is in top athletic condition.  We need that sort of thing on the feeds this year and every year.

Jeff is out on the patio and warmly greeted Jordan when she came out, asking if she wanted to sit by the pool with him, or just hang out, or whatever.  He's all loved up today, it seems.

Brendon got off the machine and drank several mouthfuls of water, but he spit out most of it.  I guess there is a good reason for that.

Shelly and Jeff are both laying out, and Rachel is taking her HOH pictures.  They told her yesterday that they would be giving her the camera at 12:00 sharp, and that is indeed what happened.  I'm guessing the union crews are coming at a specific time to start building the set for Thursday night and that shit is expensive.   They need to start on time to minimize overtime.  (I'm just showing off my knowledge from my day job.)

Damn that Jeff is one hot piece.

Rachel is taking her HOH pictures in the house.

Why is Danielle smiling?  Because PT is posing for the picture.

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