Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Brother After Dark 7-16-11

I have been watching this DVR'ed episode while I move around the house.

Most of the program was incredibly boring.  They were playing beanbag in the backyard and talking in weird accents. Lawon and Kalia had the most boring long conversation I have ever seen on BBAD.

Anyway, during the Food Competition yesterday a medic had to come in the game.  I think the issue was some sort of injury to Kalia's shoulder or arm.  Cassi and Shelly were hissing in the kitchen as they picked through a big bowl of jellybeans.

Cassi:  Did you see her out there playing beanbags?  Isn't that the arm?

Shelly:  Well, she figured out how to get out of bein' a Have Not, didn't she?

I read elsewhere that Rachel was puking in the bushes, so I expect this to produce some good TV Sunday night.  Shelly has a sore back and Cassi asked her why she didn't talk to the medic about it.

Ever the smiling good sport, Shelly just kind of shrugs.

Do you think Shelly will ever just blow?  And wig out?  I'd buy a ticket to that show.

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