Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Brother After Dark 7-14-11

I have a whole DVR full of Big Brother After Dark episodes already.  I'm doing a bad job of keeping up with that. I always fall asleep when I try to stay up and watch it.

So in preparation for tonight's show, I decided to watch last night's episode.

And now a few things make sense...

Cassi told Danielle that she started to get claustrophobic (sp?) that afternoon and didn't feel like she could get any time alone--away from everybody.  Maybe this explains why she blew off the HOH pictures yesterday afternoon.  You can read about that here and here.

And Brendon and Rachel were arguing like crazy.  Actually, Brendon was in a foul mood and was being a total dick to Rachel.  She was trying to talk to him about the vote and he kept interrupting and scolding her. He was being totally disrespectful and it seemed like nothing she could say or do made any difference.  He was just unloading on her and you could see him coming home from rush hour traffic, slamming things around and telling the kids to shut up.

She was trying to describe the golf game last year and his facial expressions made her stop talking.  She said, "I'm your fiance and I need to talk to you about this--you're the only one I can trust in here"!

She's going to be upset when she sees this on TV.  It's painful to watch.

Rachel went off about how much she hated Cassi.  Cassi only smiles and answers questions for Rachel---she never tries to have a conversation with her.  Rachel said that Cassi doesn't like Jordan, either, and avoids her, not even looking at her in the face.

But she notices that Cassi goes over and talks to Jeff, like they're friends...and with Brendon, too......

Brendon flew off the handle at that, basically telling Rachel to shut up.  We all know that Rachel can be annoying, but she gives the game her all and doesn't just lay around and mope.  Brendon needs to take a nap or something and snap out of this shitty mood.

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