Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bacon Bacon Bacon

as Adam chants every day.  (He's annoying, by the way.)  You can see Adam carefully arranging the bacon on a cookie sheet.  The inside of that oven must be a mess, what with all the splattering of the bacon grease.

Lawon flosses his teeth, thankfully with his back to the camera in the Padded Cell.

Brendon tells Adam he might have an addiction to bacon.  Adam says he knows he talks about it a lot, but that his cholesterol is okay and his nutritionist has approved his diet.

(So, I guess Brendon knows Adam is a liar now.  The 'nutritionist' is a dead give-away.)

They discuss their dreams.  Rachel had one about going to Chicago with Brendon and Dani was there and she was told she can't represent the show because of some sort of animal issue.

Rachel is going to make 'mexican eggs' with sauteed mushrooms and salsa.  She claims Brendon taught that to her but he denies it.

Everyone is up and about.  Can you see Jordan brushing her tongue in the bottom picture?  She is studying to be a dental hygienist, by the way.

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