Monday, July 11, 2011

Backyard Action

Jeff is lifting weights with Adam and Dominic.  Cassi is in the hot tub, all by herself, and Porsche is laying nearby babbling about starting to study for the competitions in case she stays in the house.

Cassi is listening to Porsche, I guess, and making little "mmhmm" sounds.  Wait, is Cassi wearing full makeup with lipstick?
Yes she is.  I don't know why, since I just got here, but she is fully made up.  There is a lot of trash talking amongst the guys.  Keith is working in sets, too, and they spot each other when necessary.  Adam told them how fat he was just a year ago, and Dom is interested in this.  There is a beanbag-type game that they have playing since last night.  I'm not sure if it is related to an upcoming competition, or just to relieve the boredom.

Adam is kind of awkward around the other HG, from what I have seen.  His sense of humor is kind of inappropriate at times and falls flat frequently.  He seems really girly and dances around in a strange way sometimes.  For example, when they were thinking up names for their alliance, Adam suggested "Dancing Queens" and moved around in a weird way.  And he frequently chants "bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon" under his breath.  He's odd.  And his mannerisms and speech patterns certainly don't fit his look.

He can't get piercings or tattoos because he's Jewish.  He explained this to Jeff who wasn't aware of this element of the Jewish faith.

Adam just struck a pose in the back yard and said he was imitating Nick from BB8.   Jeff didn't know what Adam was talking about so Adam explained that Nick was holding his dick in the picture and Adam demonstrates the pose.

Jeff:  Why?

Adam:  Well....I guess he wanted to show it to somebody.

Dom asked a few follow up questions and wanted to know when this happened.  Here's hoping Dom asks Danielle about his later, because he clarified with Adam that it was Dani's ex Nick that he was referring to.  Adam said that Nick also dated Kristin from BB12.  (Did he mean Jen Johnson from BB8?)  I wasn't aware that he dated Kristin, but I guess that could be true.

Jeff works on his abs.  Jeff hates working on his abs and curses them after each set.  ("Fuck you, abs!")

Speak of the devil.  Now Adam tells Jeff that the world's best serial killer is from Chicago.

Jeff:  Gacy?

Adam:  Yeah!

Jeff:  He lives a couple of blocks from where my parents like him?

Adam:  Yeah...I've read a bunch of books about him....he was a clown...I like clowns...

Now I guess he realizes how strange that is and he starts talking about (or making excuses about) why he read the books and Jeff tells him to "just keep digging" while making shovel gestures.

They made fun of those sandals that Adam is wearing a few minutes ago.  This is a joke that Dominic made up:

Why is Adam's sandal like a tampon?  Because every pussy has one.

Sorry, his joke not mine.

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