Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another All Nighter

Brendon is tossing and turning in bed, but once again Dani stayed up with a bunch of Newbies.  Specifically Kalia, Cassi, Dom and Lawon.

They discuss how a number of the houseguests that have seen Keith's penis.  Apparently before the feeds went live, he showed it to Porsche while he was in the shower, and to more of them in the backyard.  Some say it was large, but Dani reports that Porsche said "it's no Big Brother".

They wonder if the Porsche/Keith relationship will develop outside the house.  Some think so.  Calli reported a few minutes ago that Keith approached her soon after they came in the house and told her that he "really liked her, like for real".    She scoffs at this but says when he watches himself on the show he will realize how he came off.

Dani is looking at various objects in the backyard and finding price tags on them (i.e. vases, etc).  She holds the items up and describes them and the others guess how much it cost. Cassi and Kalia ask questions about what they are made of, weight, etc.

Many of the items are from Home Goods (a division of TJ Maxx) and Z Gallerie.

Dani keeps calling Dom "PT". I heard her doing this last night but don't know what it means.

Now Dani finds a glass container and holds it up for inspection----it's quite heavy.

Dom:  $32.99
Cassi:  $42.00
Kalia:  $44.00

Dani announces that Kalia wins, as the item's price tag says $92.50.  They laugh at how much that piece of crap costs.

Dani:  Big Brother, please return this and get us some nicer food!

She finds this vase with fake flowers in it and holds it up.

She discovers that the flowers are sold separately and then the flowers fall out.  Production doesn't like this and we get WBRB while I presume they are being scolded and ordered to bed.

It's nearly 5:00 am right now...

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