Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another All Nighter #2

Cassie and Lawon are up talking about Keith--everyone else is in bed (even Danielle).  I still don't think anybody really knows who is going home on Thursday.  Lawon talks about that moment when they each walk into the DR live to cast their vote.  He watches the show every year and says "What??  They did that??" when some people vote.

Cassi thinks she might be nervous just before the show goes live, but she is going to treat talking to Julie like talking to the blank screen in the DR.

They have been practicing on the golf game in the backyard.  Cassi needs to practice.  She needs to win if she wants to stay in the house another week.  So does Lawon. They think Adam has a deal with the All Stars because he never talks to them about his strategy or voting plans.

Cassi folds her laundry and they both head inside to the Padded Cell, where Shelly and Kalia are still trying to sleep.  Shelly is about to get up, actually.

I think that is a Whirlpool Duet laundry system---I recognize the sounds it makes. Like a video game.

Here are Jeff and Jordan, sleeping in their bed.

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