Monday, July 25, 2011

Angry Danielle Appears

in the HOH and is bitchy right from the start.

Danielle:  I'm just going to tell you, if Dominic goes this week, I will be furious!  Furious!

Dani is so angry...Brendon is being calm and speaking clearly, but Dani is raising her voice and overtalking him.  Remember how she used to speak to her dad in the house?  Well, this isn't much different.

Rachel, to her credit, is keeping her mouth shut, except to shovel snacks in, and looks at the camera occasionally, rolling her eyes a little.

Dani feels like she got close to Dominic because they told her to, and now she is going to be pissed if he leaves.  Brendon keeps saying lets get Jeff & Jordan up here and the five of us will talk about it.

Dani:  Those two don't even talk to me anymore!  They don't talk game to me at all!

(Maybe because you want to BACKDOOR Jeff, bitch?)

Dani is going around in circles, saying that she is not that close to Dominic, but then saying she will be furious with them if he leaves.  Brendon calmly brings this up and it only makes Danielle madder.

Dani, to Rachel:  Don't you have anything to say at all?  Don't you?

Rachel:  I genuinely like Dom and I feel badly about this.

Dani:  If I find out that you go behind my back.....

Brendon:  How are we going behind your back?  We're talking to you now about how we feel?

Dani:  But on eviction day, no one talks to me...

Dani keeps saying "are you stupid?  I've just told you six times that I'm okay with Jeff staying", and "I've already said it three hundred times that I'm over that".

Dani is such a total brat, telling Brendon to "be quiet".

I really can't believe that Dani is acting this way.  Shocked.  She is totally losing it and I predict she will be leaving the game through the DR sooner than later.  I'm sure Alison has that therapist on call right now for the DR.

Dani swears that if they keep Dom, she will guarantee that he won't go after Jeff next week.  She brings up the fact that she has been alone since Day #5 when her dad walked out the door, and that she knows Dom just as well as she knows Rachel.  She met Rachel once in Vegas and said "Hi" and that is it.

Here is what I find interesting:  No camera close ups of Dani at all during this whole conversation.  Only Brendon and Rachel and the wide shot above.

Dani plans to talk to Jeff and mentions that he called Kalia a traitor today---they don't need more of that.  She would appreciate them looking out for her, not just themselves.

Dani:  I won't nominate Jeff, OK?  Ever!  I will never nominate Jeff!

Now she apologizes for her behavior yesterday (what about today?) and says that she would never go against them and they can trust her.

One of Dani's big issues is that Rachel said to Dominic and Dani that they were the new foursome---and now they are turning their backs on that.  (True.)

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