Saturday, July 23, 2011

Also, About Adam

I forgot to mention it in my earlier post, but on BBAD Dani was starting to get suspicious about Adam, and has passed those suspicions on to Brendon and Rachel.

Dani thought it was odd that Julie Chen asked Adam questions live two weeks in a row, when other people have yet to be questioned on the live show.  She compared this to Eric Stein from her BB8 season, who was America's Player and got more than his share of attention from Julie.

Here's What Dani is Probably Thinking:  Why are two ugly people getting so much screen time on CBS Prime Time?

Rachel has also said that Adam is "super fishy".  They also think Jeff might be America's Player.

The POV competition is a big one today.  Dani pulled Adam to the side and told him he needs to win this one, that he is gone if he doesn't.  She swore him to secrecy, but implied that if he can pull himself and Dom off the block, there will be a "big move" in the game.

Meaning that Jeff & Jordan will be backdoored.....

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