Friday, July 29, 2011

Adam Will Wear an Elf Costume

and the houseguests can't wait. Jeff jokes that he wants the costume to be tight.

Jeff:  I want to see some curves bro.

Adam:  You're going to see some things you don't want to see.

Dani is whispering with Kalia that Kalia needs to win next week and Kalia agrees.  Dani tells Kalia about her promise to Jordan and Kalia nods.  I think Jeff and Jordan are safe.

Kalia describes her tiff with Rachel.  This is going to be like the Mean Girls.

Dani:  Bye bye Brenchal!

Dani is practicing her speech.  She says she told it to PT and he said it was good.  (Is she going to talk about him all of the time now?)

She's going to make some sort of one week deal with Jeff and Jordan to get a week of safety out of them.   Now Kalia mentions that nobody cheered for either of them.  Nobody.

And now they whisper under their breaths that Lawon didn't cheer for them at all.  Kalia heard Adam cheer for them once or twice.

Now Dani talks about PT now, mentioning her goodbye message to him where she didn't want to be a robot...she repeated the entire thing for Kalia.

Dani:  PT  PT  PT  PT

At least she's not weepy like she was after Nick left in BB8.    The fake snow is everywhere on the floor.

Dani:  Don't worry--Shelly will clean it up tomorrow!

Lawon is listening at the door and enters to hug Danielle.

Dani:  Oh, I wish PT were would be so much fun.

(I'm telling you, she's a Stage Five Clinger.)

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