Friday, July 29, 2011

Aches and Pains

Jeff:  My fucking hip is fucked up!  I tried to do that lean thing...

Adam:  I'm in pain and I was only up there for 10 minutes...I can imagine what you guys feel like.

Jeff is smoking the hell out of that cigarette.

The snow all over the yard is actually pieces of plastic. Shelly explains how the machine that shot it into the air added moisture to make it feel like snow.

They feel the competition was tailor-made for Danielle and Brendon will be really pissed if "they give her a Pandora's Box or a Coup de-Etat or something else to keep her in the game".

Jeff agrees.  (What???  Pot, meet kettle.)

Jeff and Brendon both say that those on the ground floor last night should band together against those that were in the HOH last night.

Jeff isn't planning on making any deals with Danielle.  He says whoever stays this week needs to stick together for the common goal.  Brendon thinks they should stop saying that one of them will be gone this week---it doesn't look good.

Brendon:  This is the last time there will be a competition made for her.....

Jeff:  The next time if you have two tattoos right here (points to his hipbones) you win!

Brendon points out how BB screwed him last year by designing two competitions that Matt won---they weren't fair.  (Neither was the rope challenge that he won, either.)

Brendon:  I'll be damned if I let a girl make me look like a fool again...those fuckers.

Shelly's nickname for Kalia is Waffle.

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