Thursday, July 21, 2011

About Last Night...

Everyone is still sleeping, but I have a few comments about last night's CBS broadcast:

1.  Brendon is a total tool in his DR sessions.
2.  Dom is coming off super-cute.  I see shades of Dr. Will in the way he addresses the camera.  Dom might just give Jeff a run for his money in the America's Choice department.
3.  After looking at some of the women on the feeds, it is startling to see them in the DR.  On Big Brother After Dark this week, Dani told Dominic that the DR people have told her three times since the show started to go "fix herself up" before coming back to the DR.  And yesterday Cassi was called to the DR in the morning and was told the same thing---she went straight to the bathroom mirror to put on her face before going in the DR.

I think Jordan actually has the prettiest face with no make up.

Also, I watched a little bit of BBAD last night before I fell asleep, and Jordan was talking to the girls about her relationship with Jeff.  They are almost at the two-year mark and I think she is ready for a commitment, but she and Jeff haven't really talked seriously about it yet.

They are getting tired of the long distance thing, but she will not move to Chicago for him without a commitment. Shelly commended her for that.  Jordan pointed out that Jeff wants to have his life worked out so he can support a family and that sounds good to her.

Jordan:  There aren't a lot of good guys out many of them are just like wham bam thank you ma'am.

Rachel:  I think the two of you are just about perfect together!

Jordan discussed how impatient Jeff is---she seems to accept him as he is and get a kick out of it.  Jordan seems  mellow about it but tells the girls that she does get mad at him sometimes and they get into huge fights.

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