Sunday, July 31, 2011

Julie Chen Was the Big Surprise

on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live show tonight.  She hosted a game and then appeared in studio at the end of the show.  Julie looked HUGE sitting next to Andy---she is much taller than he is, especially with stilettos.

I think Julie is pregnant--I know her thighs looked kind of uh....large.  They looked large.  I'll just say that.

Julie and Andy were both interns at CBS way back in the 80's (is that right).

Even Kalia Gets Involved

and helped Rachel strap some sort of tiara on her head.  Shelly made some pretty amazing white roses out of the trashbags.  Everyone loves a wedding, it seems.

Plus this will be a segment on the show--obviously.

I don't want Rachel to leave on Thursday.  She brings a lot of life to the show.  Evel Dick said Rachel's mom begged her not to do the show again this year because of how fierce all the hate was last year.

Porsche is painting the rose with pink nail polish.

Project Rachel

The girls are making a wedding dress for Rachel out of white trash bags.  It doesn't look too bad, huh?

What else do they have to do in there?  I think they are trying to get BB to host a party for the mock wedding and the guys want one hour of free unlimited alcohol.

Yeah, like that would ever happen.

Rachel wanted her dress to sparkle.

Jordan Teaches Jeff a New Move

and after 15 on the first leg, Jeff is hurting.  He doesn't want to do another set, but Jordan says they have to do 15 on the other leg.

Jordan counts clearly and cheerfully as they work to 15.

Jeff:  Oh fucking fuck!  Those are sons of bitches!

Jordan laughs and says she is wearing his socks.

Jordan tells him they have to do 15 more on each leg.

Jeff:  Love!

Jordan:  We have to finish it....gear up!

Jeff:  I'm gonna barf.

But he does them anyway.

Jeff and Jordan Do Abs

Jordan didn't want to wear her short shorts because she thought we could see "all of her stuff".  She went inside to get some longer pants to wear and Jeff did what he calls a bridge while he waits.

Now Jordan's back, and they go through Jeff's ab work out in unison.

Both of them look great.  America's Sweethearts.

Jeff and Jordan Go For a Walk

around the backyard, and talk about how to keep her in the house this week.  She's pretty sure Dani will put her on the block to replace Brendon.

They're whispering at different points in the walk.  Jordan thinks they should let Brendon win HOH next week, but she's worried that Dani will make a deal with Brendon and Rachel.

Jeff: She's already got a deal with us, so why would she make a deal with a stronger couple.

They both want Kalia out.

Jeff wants to work on abs next.

What is Andy Cohen Up To?

I follow Andy's twitter, and he tweeted this earlier today.

I wonder what it means?

I think it might have something to do with Britney Haynes.  I know she is friends with Lance Bass, who has appeared in Andy's Clubhouse before.  Since Britney used to talk about the Real Housewives all of the time, I know she is a fan and lives in NYC now.

Maybe Britney will be an audience member?  There are many other ex-Big Brother castmembers who live in the New York City area, so I guess it could be anything or anybody.  The Bravo Network is affiliated with NBC, so I don't think they would get involved with the current Big Brother production, since it is on CBS.

Watch What Happens Live airs at 11:00 PM on Bravo.

Dani and Kalia Whisper About Shelly

Kalia was looking at her in the backyard and comments on how much weight she has lost---her stomach is as flat as Dani's now.

Kalia:  It's funny...based on what I know about her, I can't imagine her getting breast implants---it doesn't seem like something she would do.

Dani:  She probably wanted to feel feminine...

Adam the Creepy Elf is smoking on the patio.  Look at that free-standing camera just behind him.  Look at that beautiful blue sky, just over the grafitti-covered wall.