Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rumor Control - Episode 1

I am trying to watch the new show hosted by Ragan and Danielle, but this is what I see when the video starts.

Yes, our old friend Missy.  (My friends and I use the word "Missy" as a code name for weed, as in "will Missy be there tonight?", or "Can you make sure Missy is packed and ready to go to the beach house?".  So I always giggle a little to myself when I talk about Missy.)

So Missy kicks off the show by introducing Ragan and Danielle, who appear via Skype.  We can see them on screen but their actions don't line up with their words.  They are calling from separate locations.

I like Danielle's dark hair and she is actually smiling a lot, which is a good look for her.  Who knew she had such nice teeth?

As we know Ragan loves to talk, and he doesn't need much prompting from Missy (hee hee hee) to get started. Here are some of the major points of conversation.

1.  Missy brings up the rumor that the HG are being kidnapped today (this chat occurred a couple of weeks ago).  Ragan says that they should bring large quantities of good toothpaste with them---if they have a huge tub of Colgate or Crest they will be very popular in the house.  He explains that they had to use Tom's toothpaste last year and it tasted terrible.  He elaborates on this quite a Ragan likes to do.  Dani announces that they had Crest in their season, and Ragan spews about that.

2.  Ragan also states that BB will go through their clothing and take out a lot of stuff, which explains why he was wearing so many pastel colors last year.

3.  Then he says they should "prepare their boss for the onslaught of a-holes who will try to get you fired....and you need to tell them that because you won't be able to do damage control until after the finale".  According to Ragan this happens even if you are "a beloved character like Jeff Schroeder".

(I don't think anybody should get fired, but Ragan said what he said last year and if the powers that be at Cal Long Beach heard about it I don't think Ragan can blame it all on us.)

4.  So, I guess Ragan is going to make this all about him.  SHOCKER!

5.  He and Danielle trade some quips about this.  Danielle says that Amber was probably the one from her season who was targeted this way.  Ragan clarifies that Amber was a cocktail waitress and made some condescending remarks about her job.  (No job is an important as Ragan's, of course.)  Jameka also got some flack.

6.  Ragan talks about Tom's toothpaste again---he has post traumatic stress disorder from the taste in his mouth.  What a bitch he is being!

7.  Missy summarizes Ragan's advice in a funny way.  ("let's not buy Tom's toothpaste because Ragan told us not to...")

8.  Ragan points out that the premiere falls on 7-7-11, which are lucky numbers, but this is season #13 so that is an unlucky number.  He thinks this will play out during the season.  Ragan thinks the first HOH will be a luck thing, and will feature a roulette wheel or something like that.

9.  Dani says she thinks Vegas will be featured because she "thinks the whole season will be focused on Rachel".  I think that might have been a slip---this was weeks ago before the Duos were leaked.

(I wonder if Dani is regretting this----her face looks tight as Ragan drones on and on.)
10.  Ragan doesn't think that it will be a MacBeth season, because "Big Brother likes to really dumb things down".  Now Ragan talks about the show being shot in HD---he mentions seeing Enzo's bald head in HD.

11.  He also says that the CBS promotion department has no idea about what the theme is when they put together the "Join my Party" commercial that aired a few weeks ago.

12.  Ragan thinks that a haunted house would be fun, too.  Danielle would like aliens in the house.

13.  If they were the producers, they would get rid of slop.  Ragan was on slop for over 20 days and "got down to his birthweight".  Danielle was on for 2 weeks straight and Ragan said flies were buzzing around her.

14.  Ragan wants to see more hot messes this year.  Last year there were too many level-headed people on the show.  Dani interrupts and starts listing the crazies in BB12.  They both agree that someone like Phillip from Survivor would be great on the show.

15.  They bring up Rachel AGAIN and Ragan wants to see someone who will play hard from the get-go like Rachel would.

16.  Dani said that she didn't get to watch BB seasons in sequester, even though she was a fan and had seen all of the seasons.  Ragan assumes that the BB13 cast will watch BB12 in sequester, so they will want to get rid of all of the athletic guys in the beginning to avoid a Brigade-type situation.

17.  Ragan predicts that BB13 will be heavily female and he brings up his season again.  He thinks this will solve the problem of the dominant male.  Dani wisely interrupts to point out that women don't work well together and that we haven't seen that since Janelle was on the show working with Rachel. (?)

18.  Ragan is sweating and is dabbing at his forehead.  Danielle is not sweaty at all.

CQ = Caller Question

19.  CQ - Ragan, can you unblock me on Twitter?  It turns out that the caller is a huge Rachel fan and Ragan prods her to say what exactly she said to him on Twitter.  I can't believe this caller even gives a shit.  Dani urges Ragan NOT to unblock her.  The caller wants hot messes too, and enemies who are freaky---Friday the 13th type stuff.  Ragan plans to unblock her---EEENASHOPPING is her twitter handle and she loves Ragan.

(I hope a caller gets through to ask Danielle about Nick's nude gay pictures!)

20.  CQ - It is "Moosie".  She wants to know about showmances and what they think.  Dani says nobody plans to go into the house and have a showmance.  Ragan interrupts and says he likes non-traditional showmances like he and Matt.  He says they are still in love and he is waiting for Matt to leave Stacy.  Joking,  I think.  Ragan points out that he is VERY good friends with both Brendon and Rachel now, but thinks that they would have done more damage separately--they should have waited until the season was over to hook up.  Dani points out that "you just can't help it" when you're in there.

21.  Ragan continues to mop his face.

22.  CQ = What will make you cringe on BB13?  Dani says it is cringe-worthy to see yourself on BB commercials.  Ragan lost 20 pounds so he hates to see himself on the commercials, too.  He will cringe when he sees people make alliances right off the bat.  Dani brings up that Joe from her season made a lot of alliances that weren't shown on TV--he was aligned with everybody but the refrigerator.

(I think some of these callers are the same as last year, so we can look forward to that!  Ha ha ha)

23.  Oh god--it's Anne Marie from Boston, who sounds like Rosemary's next door neighbor who brought over the Chocolate Mouse.  (That is EXACTLY what she sounds like.)  Anne Marie confronts Ragan by saying he didn't seem to like drama during his season.  Ragan said he was "a game player, not a drama guy".  You can't have a one size fits all strategy in BB.  Ragan told the producers he wanted to be the peacemaker.  Ragan understands that the fans like explosive players like Janelle and Rachel, but the main goal is to win half a million dollars.  She asks Dani about fans who came up and asked her about her dad all the time---now that Dani is "incognito with the dark hair and it's been four years, it's not so bad".

24.  CQ = Does the outside of the house have anything to do with the theme of the show?  No, neither of them think it does.

25.  CQ = Do you think this will be a fairy tale theme this season?  Dani - No--that was my season!  Ragan thinks they can get a bunch of gays in there to prance around--the joke falls flat.

26.  CQ = Last year the feeds were slower-paced, not as much drama.   During casting, what kind of info do they learn about you?  Dani can't answer any questions about production (more proof that she may be on this year).  Ragan sidesteps the question.  The caller rephrases it.  Ragan hates to say it, but because the ratings were so good last year, they may cast more level-headed HG this year to cater to the TV audience, not the internet super fans.  The caller compliments Danielle's hair and Ragan shreiks "What about me?".

(I am SO THANKFUL that Ragan will not be a duo on BB13.)

27.  CQ = I heard an awful rumor that Russell Hantz is trying to get on BB13.  Ragan:  I don't think this would happen in a million years because CBS doesn't cross-promote.   Ragan said that Russell was hanging with Britney Haynes and Enzo before the Survivor finale and he said he would NEVER do BB because they don't make enough money.   Dani disputes this, but hey the grand prize is only half the Survivor prize so I agree with Russell.  The caller points out that past BB HG have appeared on Amazing Race and Ragan backtracks his earlier statement about the lack of cross-promotion.

28.  CQ = Danielle, what is your father doing right now---what is he up to?  Dani:  Well, you can ask him (***laughs**)--why don't you tweet him and ask him?  I'm not the person to ask.....  It is a tense moment and Missy moves it right along.

29.  CQ = Do you guys ever talk to HG from previous seasons?  Ragan: I've been to a few events--I'm not like Hayden Moss who goes to EVERY reality event--not that there's anything wrong with it, but I've been to a few and met Dani, Erica Landon, there's a few that I'm dying to meet like Danielle Reyes and Janelle so bad.  Ragan says it is a family and that people have contacted him from other seasons and have been very supportive.  (I think he just SLAMMED Hayden.)

30.  Ragan asks Dani who her favorite BB person is outside of her season.  She doesn't wan to answer but Ragan points out that Dani loves Annie from BB12.  Dani:  Yes, I loooove Annie!

31.  If Season #13 is bad luck, he wants the Have Not room to be hardcore---body odor piped in, acid dripping from the ceiling, etc.

32.  CQ = If you got the chance to go back in the house and play, would you do it?  Dani defers to Ragan who says if he is called for All Stars he would answer YES before they finish asking.  Dani deftly says that "anybody who says no is lying".  (So she didn't really answer---I think Dick and Danielle will be back....)

33.  Danielle's favorite competition from her season was the last Veto, which she won.  She had to match up the faces on the screen.  She enjoyed all of the food competitions since they were all super-fun and nothing you would ever do in real life.  Like diving into food and digging around. 

34.  CQ = Linda from Gainesville also sounds like she lives in Rosemary's building.  She would like to hear a competition where everyone is drunk and stumbling around.  Ragan said his season had more alcohol restrictions than previous seasons.  Dani says wait a minute---Rachel got a bottle of Patron!  One of Ragan's favorite moments was when Lydia got drunk in the golf competition and got fresh with Jeff, slurring her words when he told her she was drunk.

35.  CQ = She thinks Enzo was a brilliant player, but others think that he didn't win anything, he was the Godfather in the house, etc.  Ragan does not agree that Enzo was ever a target in the house, and he didn't ever really run the game at all, other than his affiliation with the Brigade.  Ragan thinks Hayden really masterminded Matt's exit, not Enzo.

36.  CQ = This caller loves when Ragan took his shirt off on the show (??) and Ragan offers to do it again because it is really hot in LA.  Ragan strips off his shirt and the caller (male, in a falsetto) starts reacting--don't know if he is laughing or getting off.  "Oh, that is so sexy!".  Ragan puts his shirt back on after Dani refuses to take hers off. 
37.  Ragan would like The Talk (CBS show) to do a whole hour with past HG but he thinks that might alienate viewers.

38.  CQ = What is the hardest thing to go without in the house?  Dani:  good food, people I like, television, my phone, my DVR.  Ragan:  I'm going to have a TMI moment--unlike some of the other men from my season, I didn't pleasure myself during the season at all.  He would also like to talk to a loved one like Hayden did.  They comment that CBS didn't even air that conversation between Hayden and his Mom.  (Because they knew the viewers didn't care.....)

39.  CQ = How do you think a vegetarian would do on BB?  Dani:  You can kind of relate that to Andrew last season since there were so many things he couldn't eat.  Ragan:  I have to say that the fruits and vegetables they gave us spoiled really fast so that wouldn't be good for a vegetarian.  It would be easier for a vegetarian to transition into slop, and they would be more creative with food restrictions.  He has friends who are vegetarian and they are creative about ordering food.

40.  CQ = What about an All Star couple?  Dani is confused by this question, and so am I.  Ragan clarifies that he wants to know about couples like Dick and Danielle coming in for All Stars.  Ragan thinks their situation is compelling because they have issues and tension.  Ragan would like he and Matt would play together, but doesn't know if he could trust him after last year.

41.  CQ = How is Bella doing Ragan?  Ragan:  She is fine, but she is passed out drunk under the table where I am sitting.  Dani is friends with Bella's friend Ragan.  The caller gives a shout out "to her friends at 420".  Ragan repeats this and they all laugh---the other callers have given shout outs to their chat rooms so they all know what 420 means.  (Missy Time)

Missy starts wrapping up. Whew this was a lot of typing!

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