Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real Networks Wants to Mix it Up.....

 I just officially signed up for the live feeds, and I guess I have already missed some events, as follows:

1.  Regan's show with Dani Donato has apparently already started, and will end next week.  I have some catching up to do, and will watch and recap these episodes as soon as I can.  Check out the picture of Ragan at the top left---he is barely recognizable.  And Dani needs to evaluate her need to express herself with the "hand on the head loaded with a lot of cheap bracelets" look.  Those two don't look very inviting to me.

(I wonder what Evel Dick thinks about her involvement with Real.......he has a lot of explosive hostility over his dealings with Real in the past, or lack of dealings.)

2.  Contrast Dani's sour scowl with the smiles of Chelsia and Missy over there on the right.  They are both happy to be there at this point, particularly with what is going on in the center box.

3.  What's in the center box?  Well apparently there is a contest where we the viewers can decide who will host a new show about the show on Real.  We have until Monday July 4th to watch the videos and vote.  You can watch and vote at this link.

(Check out the first comment at the link---some fan wants to know where the "strait men" are.  Ha ha ha ha.  He or she can't even spell it, but expects a bunch of straight men to compete to host a Big Brother show!  That's a good one, a real knee slapper!)

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