Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet Porsche Briggs

I'm going to have a hard time with the spelling of her name this year.  I think I like her top, but I'm not sure.

So far, this is the first HG video posted on  It is a short interview, but it can be summarized as follows:

1.  She is going to be a pretty girl who is not a bitch.

2.  Her favorite BB player of all time is Danielle Donato.  Yes, that is what she said.  This leads me to believe that Dick and Danielle might indeed be one of the Dynamic Duos, since they are both featured on the CBS website right now.  (as are Enzo & Hayden, Jeff & Jordan, Brenchal, Jessie & Natalie, Will & Boogie, etc.)

3.  She might have a showmance, it depends on what happens.

I will start reporting more involved information as I settle down a little.  It's kind of overwhelming right now.  I don't know where to look...

There isn't a lot of information about Porsche on the web so far.  Looks like she is a 2005 graduate of Pompano Beach high school.  

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