Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet Adam Poch

This interview is courtesy of Matt Whitfield from  Matt must have something on somebody, because he seems to be the only one with this type of content right now.  The CBS website has zilch at this point, and Real Network isn't far ahead of that.  Maybe they are hunkering down for the crush of rabid BB fandom.  I'll give them that.

You can watch this interview here.

Adam is a 39 year old from Hoboken, NJ who works in inventory control for a music company.  (This probably means he manages a warehouse full of CDs!)  Adam seems to be an easy talker, and comes across great on camera.

He is a HUGE Big Brother fan and gives thanks for his DVR so he can actually watch the show and have a social life during the summer.  He watches the live feeds and goes to sleep with Showtime 2 on so he doesn't miss anything. 

He likes to say he is the perfect combination of Evel Dick and Chicken George --if they had a child, it would be him.

Why Evel Dick?  Because he's metal! And Chicken George is a sweetheart--that's why they call him the Metal TeddyBear.
Other than liking the same music, Adam isn't much like Evel Dick, although he can have a temper if provoked.  He is irritated by people who have everything handed to them--he had to work for everything he has and hates it when other people don't appreciate what they have.  Everything Adam has is through hard work and dedication.

He is not married but he has a lovely girlfriend at home.  She is a school teacher so she has the entire summer off and this would have been their first summer together.  He is going to miss laying in bed with her on Saturday and Sunday mornings and watching 90210--it's going to be really tough on him, a big challenge.  His goal is to win the money to build a life for the two of them.

He will lie, cheat and steal to win, but he won't have a showmance.  ("Sorry ladies!")  He knows there are going to be a lot of babes in bikinis and will be wearing sunglasses so staring is not obvious.  He hopes to get comfortable in the house around the cameras.  He's there to win the money so he doesn't care what we think or have to say about it.

He is a guy---he scratches himself, he poops and farts.  That's just a part of life.

He can't think of anybody to hide from that he would hate to see in the house.

Adam:  Why, do you know something I don't?

He wants to win the first HOH if possible---he is a big personality and is kind of loud.  It might take a while for people to know him and winning first would give him two weeks to make friends.  He thinks he will try to rally up the floaters into an alliance--he thinks this hasn't been tried yet.  He has to see who is in the house first, though, and adapt to whatever happens and whoever is there.

Ronnie was one of his favorite players because he was a gamer and a student of the game.  But  he came on too strong and played a whole season in two weeks.  That's something he needs to watch for--the first couple of weeks he is going to try to hold back and watch other people do stupid things.  He needs to see who is in there and get to know them---see what he can use them for, etc.  (Good way to phrase it.)

He has had some tragedies in his life--both of his parents passed away but he thinks Matt Hoffman (BB12) really screwed that up for him with his lies about Stacy being ill last year.  So he can't use the Sympathy Card--as awful as that sounds, because people will think he is lying.

 Adam's father was his hero and if people thought he was lying about him, it would be devastating.

 Adam doesn't think he looks 39, and has friends at all ages, so he doesn't think age will be a factor.

 Adam:  I'm hip...I'm trendy...I watch TMZ...I love Beverly Hills 90120--the new 90210.

 Matt gives him 30 seconds to pitch us--why should we root for him?
Adam:  Cause I'm the heavy metal teddy bear--you've never met anybody like me!  I'm soft and sweet, but I'm also a strong person...I have great beliefs... I'm awesome!  I'm not conceited, I'm convinced!  That's what my girlfriend says..I really am a good person and you will see by my game that I'm here to win.  I may lie and cheat and steal but I'll do it with a smile!

 This was such a chatty interview that Matt didn't get around to playing This or That.  After the interview, Matt appeared and told us two things to watch for:

1.  If Adam pulls on his left ear, that is a shout out to his boss.
2.  Every night at 10:10, Adam is going to shout out his girlfriend's name.

My thoughts:  Wow I made the wrong early call on Adam.  I like him even though he is not eye candy.  I love that he is a solid Big Brother fan.  Surely he knows that we like it when he talks to us on the live feeds.  Do that Adam, and you'll be an early favorite with the internet crowd.

I like that he is really thinking out his strategy, down to what he can say about his parents' death.

I have to say, I really think Evel Dick will be in the house, even though there are questions about Dani's participation in the Rumor Control show.  I think Adam would be a foil to Dick---either a good friend or strong foe.  I'm looking forward to seeing Adam and how he handles himself.  I can picture Adam rocking out with his HOH headphones on, doing the Beavis & Butthead head bobbing thing. 

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