Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Julie Chen Spills the Dynamic Duo Beans

I just watched a BB13 promotional clip from ET-Canada.  You can watch the clip here.


1.  Julie Chen is obviously holding a bun in the oven.  And I'm disappointed in her choice of clothing.  Khakis and a button down?  C'mon Julie.  You can do better than that!

2.  We know that whatever Julie says is carefully scripted at this point so as not to let too many cats out of the bag.  They want to build interest at this point, but not to blow their wad, so to speak.

3.  Julie mentions that the decor in the house is reminiscent of Venice Beach, with fortune tellers and beachy summer fun.  She lists the following:  tarot cards, palm readers, tattoos.  There is a close up of the fortune teller machine, which is sure to be featured in BB's communication strategy this year.

4. Last year, there was a rumor about the fortune teller machine being in the house during BB12.  Wonder what happened to squash that?

5.  Last but not least, Julie mentioned that "dynamic duos from the past would have a significant role this season".  That is her exact quote, and she kind of rolls her eyes upward when starting to say it.  Every word there has been scripted.

6.  I don't have to tell you that the entire internet is abuzz over this short clip.  Some people are interpreting it to mean that dynamic Big Brother duos will feature prominently in the storyline this year.  (As opposed to non-Big Brother dynamic duos like Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde, and Peanut Butter and Jelly.)

I don't think this is an All Star season--that is supposed to happen next summer, so I wonder how this will play out?  Who are some of the Dynamic Big Brother Duos from the past?

Well...there's Will and Mike Boogie.

Marcellas and Amy.  (But CBS hates Marcellas now, so I don't think that will happen.)

Janelle and Howie.  (But Janelle is pregnant and Howie is a ticking time bomb.)

Dustin and Amber.  (Please, god no on the Amber part.)

Evel Dick and Danielle.  (Nah.  ED is busy tweeting today and Dani got a job at Real Network.)

Danielle and Jason -BB3.  (Nah.  Jason has a real job as an anchor man and we're all sick of her.)

Lydia and Jessie.  (Lydia is hosting her show this summer, but I'm sure Jessie will rear his fat head on BB13.)

Big Sheila and; Adam.  (Nah.  He's in the slammer but that wouldn't stop Sheila from appearing, I'm sure.)

Jeff and Jordan.  (???  I don't think she wants to come back, but I think Jeff is the boss in that relationship.)

I can't think of any more dynamic duos---can you?  I think there is a strong chance that the duos will not be BB-related.  All I know is that I hope they learned their lesson from the Fucking Saboteur.  What a joke that was!

Oh...maybe the HG are coming in pairs, whether they knew it or not.  Like they were all childhood friends and haven't seen each other since then?  That seems like a valid Big Brother casting stunt, doesn't it?  Maybe bosses and employees they fired?  Divorced or otherwise shattered couples?  Not a fresh idea, but always good for drama--remember Joe saying Dustin gave him gonnorea (sp?) on the first episode of Season 8?

Hmmm.  Lots to chew on here.

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