Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet Adam Poch

This interview is courtesy of Matt Whitfield from  Matt must have something on somebody, because he seems to be the only one with this type of content right now.  The CBS website has zilch at this point, and Real Network isn't far ahead of that.  Maybe they are hunkering down for the crush of rabid BB fandom.  I'll give them that.

You can watch this interview here.

Adam is a 39 year old from Hoboken, NJ who works in inventory control for a music company.  (This probably means he manages a warehouse full of CDs!)  Adam seems to be an easy talker, and comes across great on camera.

He is a HUGE Big Brother fan and gives thanks for his DVR so he can actually watch the show and have a social life during the summer.  He watches the live feeds and goes to sleep with Showtime 2 on so he doesn't miss anything. 

He likes to say he is the perfect combination of Evel Dick and Chicken George --if they had a child, it would be him.

Why Evel Dick?  Because he's metal! And Chicken George is a sweetheart--that's why they call him the Metal TeddyBear.
Other than liking the same music, Adam isn't much like Evel Dick, although he can have a temper if provoked.  He is irritated by people who have everything handed to them--he had to work for everything he has and hates it when other people don't appreciate what they have.  Everything Adam has is through hard work and dedication.

He is not married but he has a lovely girlfriend at home.  She is a school teacher so she has the entire summer off and this would have been their first summer together.  He is going to miss laying in bed with her on Saturday and Sunday mornings and watching 90210--it's going to be really tough on him, a big challenge.  His goal is to win the money to build a life for the two of them.

He will lie, cheat and steal to win, but he won't have a showmance.  ("Sorry ladies!")  He knows there are going to be a lot of babes in bikinis and will be wearing sunglasses so staring is not obvious.  He hopes to get comfortable in the house around the cameras.  He's there to win the money so he doesn't care what we think or have to say about it.

He is a guy---he scratches himself, he poops and farts.  That's just a part of life.

He can't think of anybody to hide from that he would hate to see in the house.

Adam:  Why, do you know something I don't?

He wants to win the first HOH if possible---he is a big personality and is kind of loud.  It might take a while for people to know him and winning first would give him two weeks to make friends.  He thinks he will try to rally up the floaters into an alliance--he thinks this hasn't been tried yet.  He has to see who is in the house first, though, and adapt to whatever happens and whoever is there.

Ronnie was one of his favorite players because he was a gamer and a student of the game.  But  he came on too strong and played a whole season in two weeks.  That's something he needs to watch for--the first couple of weeks he is going to try to hold back and watch other people do stupid things.  He needs to see who is in there and get to know them---see what he can use them for, etc.  (Good way to phrase it.)

He has had some tragedies in his life--both of his parents passed away but he thinks Matt Hoffman (BB12) really screwed that up for him with his lies about Stacy being ill last year.  So he can't use the Sympathy Card--as awful as that sounds, because people will think he is lying.

 Adam's father was his hero and if people thought he was lying about him, it would be devastating.

 Adam doesn't think he looks 39, and has friends at all ages, so he doesn't think age will be a factor.

 Adam:  I'm hip...I'm trendy...I watch TMZ...I love Beverly Hills 90120--the new 90210.

 Matt gives him 30 seconds to pitch us--why should we root for him?
Adam:  Cause I'm the heavy metal teddy bear--you've never met anybody like me!  I'm soft and sweet, but I'm also a strong person...I have great beliefs... I'm awesome!  I'm not conceited, I'm convinced!  That's what my girlfriend says..I really am a good person and you will see by my game that I'm here to win.  I may lie and cheat and steal but I'll do it with a smile!

 This was such a chatty interview that Matt didn't get around to playing This or That.  After the interview, Matt appeared and told us two things to watch for:

1.  If Adam pulls on his left ear, that is a shout out to his boss.
2.  Every night at 10:10, Adam is going to shout out his girlfriend's name.

My thoughts:  Wow I made the wrong early call on Adam.  I like him even though he is not eye candy.  I love that he is a solid Big Brother fan.  Surely he knows that we like it when he talks to us on the live feeds.  Do that Adam, and you'll be an early favorite with the internet crowd.

I like that he is really thinking out his strategy, down to what he can say about his parents' death.

I have to say, I really think Evel Dick will be in the house, even though there are questions about Dani's participation in the Rumor Control show.  I think Adam would be a foil to Dick---either a good friend or strong foe.  I'm looking forward to seeing Adam and how he handles himself.  I can picture Adam rocking out with his HOH headphones on, doing the Beavis & Butthead head bobbing thing. 

Meet Lawon Exum

This interview is also from  They are the only ones on the ball with uploading their interviews today!  (Thanks Matt Whitfield--big shout out to you.)  You can see this interview here.

Well, it is pronounced "La-wan" and he is a 39 year old legal file clerk from Inglewood California.  He has watched BB since season #1 and thinks he is most like Dr. Will---his personality, his charisma, his "vainess", etc.

Lawon thinks he will win this game because of his personality--he is "like sunshine every day, like a multivitamin"---people need him every day.  I'll go out on a limb and say Lawon is gay.  He is ready to be himself on camera and put himself out there.  He is going to wear a green mask (?) on his face several times each week after cleansing.

If he had to choose a celebrity he is most like, it would be Prince.  He is always singing in his head and it will be hard not to sing and hum.

He is into fitness and taking care of himself but thinks he can handle a slop diet.  He is open to a showmance and is into beautiful people, like Beyonce types and Prince.  He has no one in his life that he would hate to see in the house so he's not threatened by that type of twist.

He is willing to throw the first HOH if he needs to.  He is vague about his strategy and won't say what type of people he doesn't get along with.  (which makes for a great interview--not)

Matt:  Every year there are three groups of people--the good guys, the bad guys and the floaters.  Which group do you think you will be in?

Lawon, giggling: Probably the bad guys!  Everybody is going to underestimate me and think I'm bubbly but trust me I can be conniving and sneaky.

He plans to lie and say he just graduated from college, even though that happened 10 years ago.  He won't lie about his age, but he will lie about college to throw off the others so they think he is just a file clerk.

(But isn't he just a file clerk?  Am I missing something? Or is Lawon missing a decent strategy?) 

His nicknames are LB, Sunshine and Boo.

Time for This or That?

Vanilla or Chocolate?  "That" (Yes, that was his answer.)
Twitter or Facebook?  Facebook
Beiber or Gaga? Gaga
Liberal or Conservative? Liberal.
Lust or Love?  Love
Fights or Walk Away?  Walk away..
But in this game?  Fights.

Blondes or Brunettes?  Blondes
$500,000 or new best friend for life?  $500,000!

Matt:  BB fans are some of the best sleuths around--is there something in your past that they will find?

Lawon:  No. Nah.

Matt is having a hard time with the interview, so he gives Lawon 30 seconds to address us and tell us why we should root for him.  Lawon says he will be the "best dressed fashion person that we've ever seen on Big Brother and his charsima and his flirtatious gonna get him to the top.  Don't underestimate, because there is gonna be a twist and he could be the winner."

Uh, okay.  Please watch the video to hear this for yourself.  Don't just take my word on it.  We're building trust here, people.

My thoughts:  I feel sorry for Matt.  That was a tough interview.  Just about everything Lawon said was in response to a question from Matt, and there were a lot of monosyllabic answers.  (In contrast to Dominic, who knows how to give and take in this situation.)

I think Lawon could go either way in the house---be the friendly, non-threatening humorist, or be a total nightmare bitch, yelling and screaming obsenities.  Depending on how he handles himself initially, he could float through the first few weeks while everyone else focuses on the people who stand out, or he could be the easy first pick to leave.  When people evade questions and don't say very much in interviews, it is either because they are hiding something, or they have nothing to say.  I'm leading towards the latter.


Please prove me wrong Lawon.  Maybe his nickname can be "It's Awwwn Lawon!".  (Props to Monica from BB2.)

Meet Dominic Briones

This interview is courtesy of  CBS only has Porsche's interview up right now and there are no Real Networks interviews up yet.  You can watch this interview here.

 Dominic is a 25 year old male model who attends San Franscisco State.  He hates saying he is a "male model" because it sounds "douchey", but that is what he is.  He has never lived out side of his parents' house--this summer will be his first time living elsewhere.

 He has never lived "with random people, sharing the bathroom with a lot of different people" and is apprehensive about that.  Whenever he tells people he lives with his parents, it kills romantic prospects so you have to keep that kind of quiet.

Dominic doesn't plan on a showmance because it puts a target on your back and puts your alliances right out there.  He loves Vanessa Hudgens--that dark exotic look, but not slutty looking girls.

(Didn't Dominic see her slutty cell phone pictures?)

Dominic's agent sent him on a Go See and it was a BB open casting call.  He didn't know what it was for, but once the casting process started he started watching old episodes.  His favorite cast member is Enzo because "he repped the Italian side"  (Dominic is half Italian.) but Enzo "sucked in all the competitions".  He admires Jeff's gameplay because he was right out in the open and wasn't dishonest or sneaky.  He played hard.

Dom's friends would say he is outgoing and adventurous.  He can't name his best feature and doesn't consider himself good looking.  (Well, he's wrong!)

Rennie and Rachel would drive him insane---they are both so cackley and loud.  Every thing was all about them and that would drive Dominic nuts.  He adds that Jessie was also so into himself that it would drive him nuts to be around him.  He plans to lay low at first and not win anything.  He doesn't want an early target on his back and he wants to align with the drama-free people and then make a power move.

He doesn't consider himself a floater, but wants to align with the Good Guys under the radar.  He commends the Brigade but thinks everyone else has seen that too.  He would hate to see previous professors from school inside the BB house because he talked a lot in class and just wanted to have fun.  Some of his professors hate him.  He wants to keep his biochemistry degree (in process) quiet as long as he can so people won't be threatened.

He won't be able to lie though, but will be honest about living with his parents.

He might be "the trendy one" as he is "always rocking suspenders" and works with stylists through his modeling jobs.  He jokes that we can tell him what we think on his way out.

Now we move to fast questions--"This or That?"

Vanilla or Chocolate?  Vanilla
Twitter or Facebook?  Twitter
Beiber or Gaga?  Beiber
Liberal or Conservative? Ugh......liberal.
Lust or Love?  Love
Fights or Walk Away?  Ugh....Fights!
Blondes or Brunettes?  Brunettes for sure!
$500,000 or new best friend for life?  $500,000 Grand Prize!

Dominic is a big music fan and it will be hard not to hum.  He just found out today he can't sing in the shower and it's killing him.  He loves Bob Marley and Taylor Swift ("Tay Tay") and he doesn't care who knows.

My Thoughts:  Dominic is super cute and seems natural and talkative.  He might be my new favorite.  I thought he would be gay after reading somewhere this morning that he likes to dance around and listen to JLo, but now I don't think so.  I think he would be honest about it, at least to us.  Maybe not the house, but to us.

Conclusion:  Good Eye Candy.  Wasn't a fan of the show before being cast, but neither was Jordan.

Rumor Control - Episode 1

I am trying to watch the new show hosted by Ragan and Danielle, but this is what I see when the video starts.

Yes, our old friend Missy.  (My friends and I use the word "Missy" as a code name for weed, as in "will Missy be there tonight?", or "Can you make sure Missy is packed and ready to go to the beach house?".  So I always giggle a little to myself when I talk about Missy.)

So Missy kicks off the show by introducing Ragan and Danielle, who appear via Skype.  We can see them on screen but their actions don't line up with their words.  They are calling from separate locations.

I like Danielle's dark hair and she is actually smiling a lot, which is a good look for her.  Who knew she had such nice teeth?

As we know Ragan loves to talk, and he doesn't need much prompting from Missy (hee hee hee) to get started. Here are some of the major points of conversation.

1.  Missy brings up the rumor that the HG are being kidnapped today (this chat occurred a couple of weeks ago).  Ragan says that they should bring large quantities of good toothpaste with them---if they have a huge tub of Colgate or Crest they will be very popular in the house.  He explains that they had to use Tom's toothpaste last year and it tasted terrible.  He elaborates on this quite a Ragan likes to do.  Dani announces that they had Crest in their season, and Ragan spews about that.

2.  Ragan also states that BB will go through their clothing and take out a lot of stuff, which explains why he was wearing so many pastel colors last year.

3.  Then he says they should "prepare their boss for the onslaught of a-holes who will try to get you fired....and you need to tell them that because you won't be able to do damage control until after the finale".  According to Ragan this happens even if you are "a beloved character like Jeff Schroeder".

(I don't think anybody should get fired, but Ragan said what he said last year and if the powers that be at Cal Long Beach heard about it I don't think Ragan can blame it all on us.)

4.  So, I guess Ragan is going to make this all about him.  SHOCKER!

5.  He and Danielle trade some quips about this.  Danielle says that Amber was probably the one from her season who was targeted this way.  Ragan clarifies that Amber was a cocktail waitress and made some condescending remarks about her job.  (No job is an important as Ragan's, of course.)  Jameka also got some flack.

6.  Ragan talks about Tom's toothpaste again---he has post traumatic stress disorder from the taste in his mouth.  What a bitch he is being!

7.  Missy summarizes Ragan's advice in a funny way.  ("let's not buy Tom's toothpaste because Ragan told us not to...")

8.  Ragan points out that the premiere falls on 7-7-11, which are lucky numbers, but this is season #13 so that is an unlucky number.  He thinks this will play out during the season.  Ragan thinks the first HOH will be a luck thing, and will feature a roulette wheel or something like that.

9.  Dani says she thinks Vegas will be featured because she "thinks the whole season will be focused on Rachel".  I think that might have been a slip---this was weeks ago before the Duos were leaked.

(I wonder if Dani is regretting this----her face looks tight as Ragan drones on and on.)
10.  Ragan doesn't think that it will be a MacBeth season, because "Big Brother likes to really dumb things down".  Now Ragan talks about the show being shot in HD---he mentions seeing Enzo's bald head in HD.

11.  He also says that the CBS promotion department has no idea about what the theme is when they put together the "Join my Party" commercial that aired a few weeks ago.

12.  Ragan thinks that a haunted house would be fun, too.  Danielle would like aliens in the house.

13.  If they were the producers, they would get rid of slop.  Ragan was on slop for over 20 days and "got down to his birthweight".  Danielle was on for 2 weeks straight and Ragan said flies were buzzing around her.

14.  Ragan wants to see more hot messes this year.  Last year there were too many level-headed people on the show.  Dani interrupts and starts listing the crazies in BB12.  They both agree that someone like Phillip from Survivor would be great on the show.

15.  They bring up Rachel AGAIN and Ragan wants to see someone who will play hard from the get-go like Rachel would.

16.  Dani said that she didn't get to watch BB seasons in sequester, even though she was a fan and had seen all of the seasons.  Ragan assumes that the BB13 cast will watch BB12 in sequester, so they will want to get rid of all of the athletic guys in the beginning to avoid a Brigade-type situation.

17.  Ragan predicts that BB13 will be heavily female and he brings up his season again.  He thinks this will solve the problem of the dominant male.  Dani wisely interrupts to point out that women don't work well together and that we haven't seen that since Janelle was on the show working with Rachel. (?)

18.  Ragan is sweating and is dabbing at his forehead.  Danielle is not sweaty at all.

CQ = Caller Question

19.  CQ - Ragan, can you unblock me on Twitter?  It turns out that the caller is a huge Rachel fan and Ragan prods her to say what exactly she said to him on Twitter.  I can't believe this caller even gives a shit.  Dani urges Ragan NOT to unblock her.  The caller wants hot messes too, and enemies who are freaky---Friday the 13th type stuff.  Ragan plans to unblock her---EEENASHOPPING is her twitter handle and she loves Ragan.

(I hope a caller gets through to ask Danielle about Nick's nude gay pictures!)

20.  CQ - It is "Moosie".  She wants to know about showmances and what they think.  Dani says nobody plans to go into the house and have a showmance.  Ragan interrupts and says he likes non-traditional showmances like he and Matt.  He says they are still in love and he is waiting for Matt to leave Stacy.  Joking,  I think.  Ragan points out that he is VERY good friends with both Brendon and Rachel now, but thinks that they would have done more damage separately--they should have waited until the season was over to hook up.  Dani points out that "you just can't help it" when you're in there.

21.  Ragan continues to mop his face.

22.  CQ = What will make you cringe on BB13?  Dani says it is cringe-worthy to see yourself on BB commercials.  Ragan lost 20 pounds so he hates to see himself on the commercials, too.  He will cringe when he sees people make alliances right off the bat.  Dani brings up that Joe from her season made a lot of alliances that weren't shown on TV--he was aligned with everybody but the refrigerator.

(I think some of these callers are the same as last year, so we can look forward to that!  Ha ha ha)

23.  Oh god--it's Anne Marie from Boston, who sounds like Rosemary's next door neighbor who brought over the Chocolate Mouse.  (That is EXACTLY what she sounds like.)  Anne Marie confronts Ragan by saying he didn't seem to like drama during his season.  Ragan said he was "a game player, not a drama guy".  You can't have a one size fits all strategy in BB.  Ragan told the producers he wanted to be the peacemaker.  Ragan understands that the fans like explosive players like Janelle and Rachel, but the main goal is to win half a million dollars.  She asks Dani about fans who came up and asked her about her dad all the time---now that Dani is "incognito with the dark hair and it's been four years, it's not so bad".

24.  CQ = Does the outside of the house have anything to do with the theme of the show?  No, neither of them think it does.

25.  CQ = Do you think this will be a fairy tale theme this season?  Dani - No--that was my season!  Ragan thinks they can get a bunch of gays in there to prance around--the joke falls flat.

26.  CQ = Last year the feeds were slower-paced, not as much drama.   During casting, what kind of info do they learn about you?  Dani can't answer any questions about production (more proof that she may be on this year).  Ragan sidesteps the question.  The caller rephrases it.  Ragan hates to say it, but because the ratings were so good last year, they may cast more level-headed HG this year to cater to the TV audience, not the internet super fans.  The caller compliments Danielle's hair and Ragan shreiks "What about me?".

(I am SO THANKFUL that Ragan will not be a duo on BB13.)

27.  CQ = I heard an awful rumor that Russell Hantz is trying to get on BB13.  Ragan:  I don't think this would happen in a million years because CBS doesn't cross-promote.   Ragan said that Russell was hanging with Britney Haynes and Enzo before the Survivor finale and he said he would NEVER do BB because they don't make enough money.   Dani disputes this, but hey the grand prize is only half the Survivor prize so I agree with Russell.  The caller points out that past BB HG have appeared on Amazing Race and Ragan backtracks his earlier statement about the lack of cross-promotion.

28.  CQ = Danielle, what is your father doing right now---what is he up to?  Dani:  Well, you can ask him (***laughs**)--why don't you tweet him and ask him?  I'm not the person to ask.....  It is a tense moment and Missy moves it right along.

29.  CQ = Do you guys ever talk to HG from previous seasons?  Ragan: I've been to a few events--I'm not like Hayden Moss who goes to EVERY reality event--not that there's anything wrong with it, but I've been to a few and met Dani, Erica Landon, there's a few that I'm dying to meet like Danielle Reyes and Janelle so bad.  Ragan says it is a family and that people have contacted him from other seasons and have been very supportive.  (I think he just SLAMMED Hayden.)

30.  Ragan asks Dani who her favorite BB person is outside of her season.  She doesn't wan to answer but Ragan points out that Dani loves Annie from BB12.  Dani:  Yes, I loooove Annie!

31.  If Season #13 is bad luck, he wants the Have Not room to be hardcore---body odor piped in, acid dripping from the ceiling, etc.

32.  CQ = If you got the chance to go back in the house and play, would you do it?  Dani defers to Ragan who says if he is called for All Stars he would answer YES before they finish asking.  Dani deftly says that "anybody who says no is lying".  (So she didn't really answer---I think Dick and Danielle will be back....)

33.  Danielle's favorite competition from her season was the last Veto, which she won.  She had to match up the faces on the screen.  She enjoyed all of the food competitions since they were all super-fun and nothing you would ever do in real life.  Like diving into food and digging around. 

34.  CQ = Linda from Gainesville also sounds like she lives in Rosemary's building.  She would like to hear a competition where everyone is drunk and stumbling around.  Ragan said his season had more alcohol restrictions than previous seasons.  Dani says wait a minute---Rachel got a bottle of Patron!  One of Ragan's favorite moments was when Lydia got drunk in the golf competition and got fresh with Jeff, slurring her words when he told her she was drunk.

35.  CQ = She thinks Enzo was a brilliant player, but others think that he didn't win anything, he was the Godfather in the house, etc.  Ragan does not agree that Enzo was ever a target in the house, and he didn't ever really run the game at all, other than his affiliation with the Brigade.  Ragan thinks Hayden really masterminded Matt's exit, not Enzo.

36.  CQ = This caller loves when Ragan took his shirt off on the show (??) and Ragan offers to do it again because it is really hot in LA.  Ragan strips off his shirt and the caller (male, in a falsetto) starts reacting--don't know if he is laughing or getting off.  "Oh, that is so sexy!".  Ragan puts his shirt back on after Dani refuses to take hers off. 
37.  Ragan would like The Talk (CBS show) to do a whole hour with past HG but he thinks that might alienate viewers.

38.  CQ = What is the hardest thing to go without in the house?  Dani:  good food, people I like, television, my phone, my DVR.  Ragan:  I'm going to have a TMI moment--unlike some of the other men from my season, I didn't pleasure myself during the season at all.  He would also like to talk to a loved one like Hayden did.  They comment that CBS didn't even air that conversation between Hayden and his Mom.  (Because they knew the viewers didn't care.....)

39.  CQ = How do you think a vegetarian would do on BB?  Dani:  You can kind of relate that to Andrew last season since there were so many things he couldn't eat.  Ragan:  I have to say that the fruits and vegetables they gave us spoiled really fast so that wouldn't be good for a vegetarian.  It would be easier for a vegetarian to transition into slop, and they would be more creative with food restrictions.  He has friends who are vegetarian and they are creative about ordering food.

40.  CQ = What about an All Star couple?  Dani is confused by this question, and so am I.  Ragan clarifies that he wants to know about couples like Dick and Danielle coming in for All Stars.  Ragan thinks their situation is compelling because they have issues and tension.  Ragan would like he and Matt would play together, but doesn't know if he could trust him after last year.

41.  CQ = How is Bella doing Ragan?  Ragan:  She is fine, but she is passed out drunk under the table where I am sitting.  Dani is friends with Bella's friend Ragan.  The caller gives a shout out "to her friends at 420".  Ragan repeats this and they all laugh---the other callers have given shout outs to their chat rooms so they all know what 420 means.  (Missy Time)

Missy starts wrapping up. Whew this was a lot of typing!

And the World Wide Web Goes Crazy.....

The internet is so damn slow right now---the CBS site is virtually locked.  I am having a hard time posting because Blogger is slow, too.

Rest assured I will wait this out and return later today with all the info.

Anyone who thinks that Big Brother is dead in it's 13th season is just dead wrong.

Double Trouble !!!

Meet Porsche Briggs

I'm going to have a hard time with the spelling of her name this year.  I think I like her top, but I'm not sure.

So far, this is the first HG video posted on  It is a short interview, but it can be summarized as follows:

1.  She is going to be a pretty girl who is not a bitch.

2.  Her favorite BB player of all time is Danielle Donato.  Yes, that is what she said.  This leads me to believe that Dick and Danielle might indeed be one of the Dynamic Duos, since they are both featured on the CBS website right now.  (as are Enzo & Hayden, Jeff & Jordan, Brenchal, Jessie & Natalie, Will & Boogie, etc.)

3.  She might have a showmance, it depends on what happens.

I will start reporting more involved information as I settle down a little.  It's kind of overwhelming right now.  I don't know where to look...

There isn't a lot of information about Porsche on the web so far.  Looks like she is a 2005 graduate of Pompano Beach high school.  

Yeah Yeah Yeah, But What Do They Look Like?

Once again, I don't know any of them.  I am waiting for the day when I actually know one of the houseguests.   I don't see the eye candy I am looking for, but I'll try to reserve judgement....

***yeah right***

Official (Partial) Cast Announcement

Well, here it is, and here is the link where you can see it for yourself.  And so it begins....

  BIG BROTHER Welcomes Eight New Houseguests and Welcomes Back Some of the Most Notorious "Duos" from Past Seasons
The Identities of the Returning "Duos" Will Be Revealed During the Season Premiere on Thursday, July 7

BIG BROTHER welcomes eight new Houseguests, plus the return of some of the most notorious "duos" from past seasons, when the CBS reality series premieres Thursday, July 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Julie Chen is the host.

This summer's twist, "Double Trouble," will feature the return of some of the most dynamic "duos" in the history of BIG BROTHER.  The return of these former Houseguests will immediately impact the way the game will be played this summer. 

 The identities of the returning "Duos" will be revealed during the premiere episode on July 7.  Below are the eight NEW Houseguests who will spend the summer playing alongside the "Duos" in the new season of BIG BROTHER:

Kalia Booker, 30                                                                                                                     
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.    
Current City: Los Angeles, Calif.          

Porsche Briggs, 23  
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Current City: Miami Beach, Fla.
VIP Cocktail Waitress

Dominic Briones, 25
Hometown: San Mateo, Calif.
Current City: San Mateo, Calif.
College Student

Cassi Colvin, 26
Hometown: Allen, Texas
Current City: Nashville, Tenn.

Lawon Exum, 39
Hometown: Urbana, Ill.
Current City: Inglewood, Calif.
Legal File Clerk

Keith Henderson, 32
Hometown: Bolingbrook, Ill.
Current City: Bolingbrook, Ill.
Human Resources Mgr

Shelly Moore, 41
Hometown: Centerville, Ohio
Current City: Prairieville, La.
Outdoors Industry Exec

Adam Poch, 39
Hometown: East Brunswick, N.J.
Current City: Hoboken, N.J.
Music Inventory Manager
 This season, the Houseguests will enjoy a Venice Beach loft-inspired house, featuring an urban design that brings the outside décor in and the inside décor out.  Highlights of the BIG BROTHER house include a Frank Gehry-inspired bedroom, classic surfboards mounted on the walls and original artwork ranging from a custom sunglass display to a eye-catching wall of graffiti.  The Tarot Card Parlour, indoor chess park and Popsicle Room top off the Venice Beach motif throughout the house.  

 Once again, several unlucky Houseguests will be banished to the "Have/Have Not Room" each week, where luxury and comfort are non-existent.

 Following the premiere on Thursday, July 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), BIG BROTHER will be broadcast three nights weekly, beginning Sunday, July 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), Wednesday, July 13 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) and the LIVE eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, beginning Thursday, July 14 (9:00-10:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT).

 BIG BROTHER follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with more than 52 cameras and 95 microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day.  Each week, the Houseguests will vote someone out of the house.  At the end, the last remaining House Guest will receive the grand prize of $500,000. 

 BIG BROTHER is executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan for Fly on the Wall Entertainment, in association with Endemol U.S.A.

  For more information on this season of BIG BROTHER and the 13 new Houseguests, please visit

Real Networks Wants to Mix it Up.....

 I just officially signed up for the live feeds, and I guess I have already missed some events, as follows:

1.  Regan's show with Dani Donato has apparently already started, and will end next week.  I have some catching up to do, and will watch and recap these episodes as soon as I can.  Check out the picture of Ragan at the top left---he is barely recognizable.  And Dani needs to evaluate her need to express herself with the "hand on the head loaded with a lot of cheap bracelets" look.  Those two don't look very inviting to me.

(I wonder what Evel Dick thinks about her involvement with Real.......he has a lot of explosive hostility over his dealings with Real in the past, or lack of dealings.)

2.  Contrast Dani's sour scowl with the smiles of Chelsia and Missy over there on the right.  They are both happy to be there at this point, particularly with what is going on in the center box.

3.  What's in the center box?  Well apparently there is a contest where we the viewers can decide who will host a new show about the show on Real.  We have until Monday July 4th to watch the videos and vote.  You can watch and vote at this link.

(Check out the first comment at the link---some fan wants to know where the "strait men" are.  Ha ha ha ha.  He or she can't even spell it, but expects a bunch of straight men to compete to host a Big Brother show!  That's a good one, a real knee slapper!)

Who is in Charge of This Process This Year?

Because so far it feels like a huge cluster.  But maybe that is part of the plan....

Yesterday it was reported on the leading Big Brother sites that the houseguests would be announced today on The Early Show.  I certainly don't plan to watch The Early Show, but I planned to report the news as soon as I can get it.

Apparently The Early Show rumor was not true.  Now, some of the powers that be are claiming that the first 8 houseguests will be announced within the hour by Yahoo.  So now Yahoo is breaking the news and not CBS?  That doesn't sound right to me.

The cast usually enters the house a week or so before the first show is broadcast, and the feeds go live that night at midnight.  That allows production to get them settled in and put together a nice tight first episode.  Since the show starts a week from tonight, they might be entering the house today.

Why only 8 houseguests, you ask?

Well, there are 14 spaces on the memory wall, so I can only imagine that in addition to the 8 cast members who will be announced soon, there are three 'Dynamic Duos' from the past entering the house.

I don't know whether to be excited or really pissed about this.  Who could it be?

1.  Brendon and Rachel -  Oh boy.  I'm sure both of them have the time, let's just put it that way.  Brendon and Rachel will be good for business, that's for sure.

2.  Dan and Memphis from BB10?  I saw some tweets between Dan and Robyn Kass a few weeks ago, so who the hell knows.  Dan was very popular with the fans.  He won though, and has apparently moved on with his life.  Would he disrupt that to come back on BB13?  I think Memphis is a bartender, so I'm sure he can spare the time.

3.  Jessie and Natalie?  Or Jessie and Lydia?  I'm pretty sure it would be Jessie and Somebody, since he seems to have the goods on someone at Allison Grodner Productions.

4.  Everybody involved with the show just loves Jeff from BB11.  Jeff and Russell?  That would be pretty dynamic.

One thing is for sure---we probably won't know who the Dynamic Duos are until next Thursday night.  I'll be the houseguests won't know until we know......

I hate the suspense...and I love the's delicious.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Julie Chen Spills the Dynamic Duo Beans

I just watched a BB13 promotional clip from ET-Canada.  You can watch the clip here.


1.  Julie Chen is obviously holding a bun in the oven.  And I'm disappointed in her choice of clothing.  Khakis and a button down?  C'mon Julie.  You can do better than that!

2.  We know that whatever Julie says is carefully scripted at this point so as not to let too many cats out of the bag.  They want to build interest at this point, but not to blow their wad, so to speak.

3.  Julie mentions that the decor in the house is reminiscent of Venice Beach, with fortune tellers and beachy summer fun.  She lists the following:  tarot cards, palm readers, tattoos.  There is a close up of the fortune teller machine, which is sure to be featured in BB's communication strategy this year.

4. Last year, there was a rumor about the fortune teller machine being in the house during BB12.  Wonder what happened to squash that?

5.  Last but not least, Julie mentioned that "dynamic duos from the past would have a significant role this season".  That is her exact quote, and she kind of rolls her eyes upward when starting to say it.  Every word there has been scripted.

6.  I don't have to tell you that the entire internet is abuzz over this short clip.  Some people are interpreting it to mean that dynamic Big Brother duos will feature prominently in the storyline this year.  (As opposed to non-Big Brother dynamic duos like Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde, and Peanut Butter and Jelly.)

I don't think this is an All Star season--that is supposed to happen next summer, so I wonder how this will play out?  Who are some of the Dynamic Big Brother Duos from the past?

Well...there's Will and Mike Boogie.

Marcellas and Amy.  (But CBS hates Marcellas now, so I don't think that will happen.)

Janelle and Howie.  (But Janelle is pregnant and Howie is a ticking time bomb.)

Dustin and Amber.  (Please, god no on the Amber part.)

Evel Dick and Danielle.  (Nah.  ED is busy tweeting today and Dani got a job at Real Network.)

Danielle and Jason -BB3.  (Nah.  Jason has a real job as an anchor man and we're all sick of her.)

Lydia and Jessie.  (Lydia is hosting her show this summer, but I'm sure Jessie will rear his fat head on BB13.)

Big Sheila and; Adam.  (Nah.  He's in the slammer but that wouldn't stop Sheila from appearing, I'm sure.)

Jeff and Jordan.  (???  I don't think she wants to come back, but I think Jeff is the boss in that relationship.)

I can't think of any more dynamic duos---can you?  I think there is a strong chance that the duos will not be BB-related.  All I know is that I hope they learned their lesson from the Fucking Saboteur.  What a joke that was!

Oh...maybe the HG are coming in pairs, whether they knew it or not.  Like they were all childhood friends and haven't seen each other since then?  That seems like a valid Big Brother casting stunt, doesn't it?  Maybe bosses and employees they fired?  Divorced or otherwise shattered couples?  Not a fresh idea, but always good for drama--remember Joe saying Dustin gave him gonnorea (sp?) on the first episode of Season 8?

Hmmm.  Lots to chew on here.

Kaysar's Preachy Tweets

That last post led me to google several of the BB6 houseguests to see what they are up to. I found Kaysar's Twitter account, where he apparently periodically drops pearls of incredible wisdom for his followers.

Am I being sarcastic?  Probably.  To be honest I get bored and start drifting off while I read them.  Sometimes 140 characters is way too long.

Fascinating Moments in Feed History - BB6 - Rumble in the Backyard

Apparently the BB13 houseguests will be announced tomorrow morning....stay tuned for that information.... While we patiently wait for the new season to start, let's reminisce about past Big Brother seasons.

BB6 - Fairly Early in the Season

I think BB6 is one of the most popular seasons ever.  I can't prove that, but that season had some stand out cast members and a whole lot of drama.  This is the season that brought us Janelle, Howie, James, and Kayser.  However it is also the season that brought us Maggie, Cappy, Ivette, April, etc.  Too bad about that ending, huh?  The Fascinating Moment that I will discuss here happened early in the season---I think the first evictee Ashlea had just departed.

Do you remember Michael?  Big, tall, fairly creepy Michael?  He was paired with Kayser, one of the most popular BB houseguests of all time, yet he seems to be one of the most unpopular houseguests of all time.  Micheal was an intellectual, who was raised by the kind of family who seemed to have vacation destinations all over the globe.  Michael was socially awkward, and was one of those people who don't easily enter group conversations or warm up to strangers.  Part of that might be his extraordinary height--- he is 6'7" which means he needs to work harder to seem like a non-threatening person.  Also, he had some sort of karate or fighting designation that was rather threatening.  I don't know what it was, some sort of colored belt or some shit, but it set him apart from the others.  He was also a sculptor who used big words---Micheal had no clue that he needed to dumb down big time to be successful on Big Brother.  (It's great to be smart on Big Brother, but houseguests should be very careful not to reveal this before they need to...)

The biggest thing going for Micheal was Janelle, who clung to him after Ashlea was evicted in Week #1.  Janelle and Michael spent most of their days alone in the Gold Room, kissing and flirting.  While this was great for the live feeds, it did little to endear either of them to the rest of the cast, particularly "The Friendship".

***ugh*** douchechills

The leader of The Friendship was a tiny bald firefighter named Cappy.  I don't think that was his actual name, but a nickname coined by someone (Ivette?) based on his reports of being a fire captain at home.

See...Cappy = Captain......get it?  The nickname makes me nauseous, so I will refer to him by the nickname coined by the live feeders that season....Crappy.

So, yadda yadda yadda let's get to the Fascinating Moment in Feed History.  There was a ton of escalating tension in the house.  Crappy and Micheal had words previously---Crappy thought he had been disrespectful to women and had chastized him for it.  So Crappy was in the backyard talking smack about Micheal with Kayser.  Micheal walked outside in the opposite direction but couldn't help overhearing what was being said about him.

As a feed watcher, I knew something was about to erupt....

Michael basically called out for Crappy to shut the fuck up, saying "shut up you little midget" and other comments along those lines.  He also called out Crappy's "small penis"...ha ha ha ha.

Crappy charged him, with Ivette trying to hold him back and Howie and Kayser trying to stay in between them.  A guy from production came over the intercom and told Crappy to go to the diary room and Michael to go into the storage room.

Further fights broke out after that (Ivette and Kayser maybe?) and once again Production had to instruct each of them to go to a separate place in the house to cool off.  (Drinking was involved, of course!)

They ended up having a house meeting where everyone got some sort of warning.  Alison must have been freaking out, because by then they knew that Janelle would be the breakout star of the season and having a love interest was a part of her storyline.

Micheal was evicted that week, with Crappy right behind him.  We haven't heard much from either of them since BB6 ended.  I think they were both embarrassed about their participation on the show, but probably for different reasons.

BB6 Fun Fact:  Maggie won BB6, with Ivette coming in 2nd, and Janelle out in 3rd place.  When the producers were booking interviews after the season ended, most of the major media outlets just wanted to interview Janelle.  I think Rosie O'Donnell only agreed to feature Maggie if Janelle was there, too.

BB6 Fun Fact #2:  Janelle won a competition that allowed her to leave the house.  In a somewhat ridiculous bit of CBS cross-promotion, Janelle's reward was to visit the set of Two and a Half Men during a live taping.  To this day, I have never seen that show, but I remember that Janelle was presented with a bowling-type shirt that Charlie Sheen seems to wear a lot, and she sat on set at the kitchen table and chatted with the cast.  The audience went nuts for Janelle.

Also:  I did some googling, and Micheal appears to be a successful artist and videographer now.  He owns his own studio!  I would link to his website, but I don't want you to blame me for the bad piano music you would then be forced to listen to.  The images are fantastic, however.  He's not just rich, he is talented as well.  I know a few fine artists and they all have their share of creepy, so I guess that's okay.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fascinating Moments in Feed History - BB4 - Scott Has an STD

The BB13 season should start cranking up this weekend, when the houseguests enter the house on Saturday or Sunday.  Maybe even sooner, who knows for sure.  Until then, I'm feeling nostalgic and already indifferent about my work.  So let's look back at some fascinating moments in Big Brother Live Feed History.  More accurately, times when the feeds were so damned fascinating, they were stopped in a panic by the show's producers and security team.

BB4 - Early in the Season

Do you remember BB4?  That was the season where BB surprised the original set of houseguests with some new houseguests who were definitely unwanted---ex-boyfriends and girlfriends of some of the castmembers.  And Get This:  They have bad blood!  Wow that was innovative, huh?  BB4 also occurred before the production moved to a huge sound stage.  After the move, the HOH room moved upstairs, sweetened with a master bath. Back in BB4, the HOH room was a small sweaty room with a mini fridge and bathrobe.  It sucked, but we didn't know how badly at the time.

Well anyway, there was a houseguest named Amanda that was one of the first to be evicted.  You may not remember Amanda.  She was billed as a model, and that might be right because a lot of successful runway and print models are not the beauty-queen type.  There is something a little bit off about their looks that makes them look exotic and intriguing.

This is my way of saying that I didn't think Amanda was attractive.  In fact, I thought Amanda constantly looked like she needed a good scrubbing.  Amanda's ex-boyfriend Scott was also in the house.  Scott reacted particularly badly when learning that Amanda was also a castmember. As I recall, he said a lot of hateful things about her in the house, and also to her face, but then he did an about face and whined about wanting to get her back.

Now, on to the Fascinating Moment:

As the first weeks crawled by, we saw less and less of Scott on the live feeds.  We did see more and more discussion amongst the houseguests about where Scott was, how he was sleeping most of the time, what was Scott's deal, etc.

Meanwhile Amanda was flirting with David, who was some sort of military guy who had done some overseas tours and liked to channel Jim Carrey.  David also had an ex in the house, but he didn't seem to give a shit about the twist.  David has probably been shelled a few times in Iraq, so BB would have to try a lot harder to throw him for a loop.  David's ex Michelle was really hot and I think everyone understood what David saw in her, even though she was incredibly stupid. 

So one night, kind of late, I was watching the feeds and once again listening to the houseguests discuss Scott.  They were sitting in the living room.  Big Brother came over the intercom and I think asked Scott to come to the Diary Room.

Well, Scott didn't want to go.   He appeared on camera and started yelling and picked up several dining room chairs, hurling them across the room.  Of course, this led to **FOTH**.

And more **FOTH**.  And a lot more **FOTH**.

When the feeds came back hours later we saw Stupid Michelle crying and being comforted by some of the other girls in the bathroom area---probably Alison and maybe Jun.  We learn that Scott somehow got permission from BB to address the rest of the houseguests before he exited from the game.

Scott announced to the group that he had Genital Warts years ago, and for some reason this was causing his depression in the house, and his inability to socialize and strategize with the rest of the cast.  It was unclear whether he was suffering currently from that particular malady.

Michelle was crying because she didn't want Genital Warts, and they only had one toilet in the house.  So we had another brief  **FOTH** while a repairman went into the WC and installed one of these paper toilet seat cover dispensers in there.

Yes, this is a true story.

I'm sure you can google it and find an old update off one of the big websites.  Maybe even one I wrote back then, when I did live feed updates elsewhere.  I remember being surprised that BB would allow houseguests with sexually-transmitted diseases in the house, but now that I'm old and jaded I realize, hey, they have to cast someone, right?  If they had to cast only people who have never had an STD on the show, Robyn Kass' job would be pretty damn hard?  (Like trying to find a Presidential candidate who has never inhaled....)

I'm sure you can quickly flip through your mental rolodex and think of some previous houseguests whom I would confidently wager had their share of penicillin and other such STD-eradicating medications.  Like BB8?  C'mon BB9---who didn't have an STD on that season?  And last year?  (***cough cough  Rachel cough cough***)

To wind up this story, Amanda was the next one evicted, as I recall, and she knew it would be a unanimous vote.  She kind of admitted that she didn't care about the show, and just wanted to get out of there.   I'm sure the whole Scott situation was embarrassing for her.

The night before she left, the HOH (I think it was Cauliflower-Eared Justin) gave the keys to David for the night, and David spent much of the evening getting Amanda tipsy with some cheap wine.  And then, for about 2 minutes, David and Amanda clearly had sex in the HOH.  This was the first time this had ever happened in the BB USA house, to my knowledge.  On camera, that is.

Flash forward to BB10, with April and Ollie.....ugh, I can't go there.  ***Gross***  If you didn't hear about that then, you won't hear about here now.

First Look at the BB13 House!

Every year, a lucky group of journalists get to go inside the Big Brother house just before the season starts.  Matt Whitfield from Yahoo is one such journalist.

You can see Matt's pictures of the house at this link  --there are 11 pictures posted.  As usual, the bedrooms have experienced the most significant changes since last year. 

What's the deal with the bicycles?  I mean, no one is going anywhere, are they?  I like the surfboards on the wall, and I'm sure the ice cream cart in the bed room will soon be draped with clothes.

The theme looks like 'summer fun' to me.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

While We Wait....

We are officially in waiting.....until the BB13 houseguests are announced during the Fourth of July weekend, there isn't a lot of new information coming out.  I'm sure Production is quite busy getting the house ready, and Casting has their hands full with the numerous inmates in sequester. 

CBS is running various promos, but I haven't seen any exciting news come out. Posters on the internet have noticed that the latest commercials feature the word "Party" a lot, so that might be a clue of some sort.  To me, "Party" = Alcohol, so maybe Big Brother will let the hooch flow this season. 

Thought:  Has Big Brother ever had an alcoholic in the cast?  We've had non drinkers due to age or religion (Michelle - BB4, Kayser - BB6), but as far as I know there have been no houseguests struggling with alcoholism.  That might be interesting, but I have to admit it would be more interesting if there is a struggle---and maybe a lost battle here and there....

I'm not a terrible person, I'm just honest.

Anyway, this is the time of year that the BB Alumni come out of the woodwork for another 7-8 minutes of fame.  They announce their involvement with BB projects--websites and talk shows.  For example, Dr. Ragan Fox has been hired to host a weekly show on about the show.  I think it will be broadcast on Wednesdays.  Some of you know that I am not a Dr. Ragan Fox fan.  I heard way too much from him last year---whining on an on about every little thing, and his graphic and constant descriptions of his bodily functions turned my stomach.  There would literally be a conversation happening about some sort of interesting topic, and Ragan (usually to Matt) would suddenly feel the need to announce details of "his poo".


But I will do my job here and watch the show when I can and describe what happens.  Some of you also know that I relish listening to the callers on those Real shows---wow there are some obsessed freaks out there.  I wish Ragan could just rip into them with a Big Scoop of Truth, but he probably isn't allowed to.  You know, customer relations and all.

Trust me, I will do the ripping of the callers here!  Not all Big Brother fans are crazy, but some of them have enough crazy in them to cover all of us.  (Particularly the Jeff/Jordan fans---I'll bet most of them are Twilight fans, too.  Just a guess...)

I found this interview with Michelle Noonan from BB11 on Jokers.   I only link to it for the following reasons:

1.  It is well written and covers a lot of info.
2.  They talk about the rumors of BB14 being an All Star Season!  (the last All Star Season was BB7, so that might make sense.)
3.  Michelle reports that she too will have some sort of regular gig commenting on BB13 this season. 

I won't be watching that one.  Between watching the feeds, the Real talk shows, updating this website, feeding my daily Howard Stern habit, and of course running my business I will have my hands full.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Brother After Dark - Is It Really Happening This Season?

 Why yes, it is.  In response to a reader's question, I found the following info online.


Note that Big Brother After Dark will air on Showtime 2, which is one of the channels in the Showtime family.  I would say it is the seedy, nudie Showtime channel, but I'm not sure that all of them aren't a little racy once prime time is over.

The show will start on July 7th, or more accurately at midnight at the end of that day.  If history holds true, that will be when the live feeds also start, and all of our drama will start.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not Another "Crazy Twist"???

Well, apparently this will be the "craziest twist ever"!  Last season, we had the most asinine twist ever, so hopefully Grodner & Company can turn it around for BB13.

See the commercial here.

The twin twist of BB5 was still the best, since it played out live.  I wasn't a fan of Adriana and Natalie, but keeping that under wraps until it was exposed on live TV was a major feat.  But that accomplishment was tarnished by how cunty those holier-than-thou Fitness Twins turned out to be, and of course the whole Cowboy-Nakomis sad debacle.

I think the twist will somehow play off the whole Redemption Island situation from Survivor.  Let's face it, there are only so many twists out there.  How many times can they trot out Jessie? 

No amount of crazy twisting can overcome bad casting.  No pressure, Robyn.  Ha ha ha.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Live Feeds? Big Brother After Dark on Showtime?

Yes, and yes in 2011.

All systems are go for the upcoming Big Brother 13 series, scheduled to premiere on Thursday, June 7th.  This means that the feeds will go live at midnight EST, after the 1st show airs on the west coast.  Also, the Showtime broadcast starts at the same time (for 3 hours every night).

The live feeds can be purchased as early as this Wednesday, June 15th, for $29.99 for three months.  I will be buying the live feeds, of course, but probably won't pull the trigger until after July 4th.

Why, you say?

Because the new houseguests won't enter the house until then, and that is when the names of the houseguests are officially released.  In other words, that is when shit gets juicy.

Also, I am going to try to be productive.  I have my own business and can't let all of my clients go to hell-in-a-hand-basket during the BB season.  So an extra week or two of work will help prolong the inevitable.

As in the prior year, I will be posting introductions to the houseguests as they are released by CBS.  Along with the obligatory internet dirt that will be promptly unearthed by fans worldwide.  You know, who has DUIs (Chiara BB3 had DUI court dates scheduled during the time she should have been in the BB house.), who has a splashy backstory (the effing 'Fitness Twins' and their effing 'Fitness Calendar'), etc etc etc.  And there is sure to be a lot of info this year because, let's face it, anyone public enough to want to be on Big Brother is going to be a Tweeter, a blogger, or a Facebooker, etc etc.

Every year when the feeds go live, I am struggling to stay awake and watch for awhile.  But the BB season is a marathon, not a sprint.   The houseguests have all of the cameras running from the get go, of course, but they are well aware that the live feeds and Showtime aren't running until midnight on the 7th.  That moment is very awkward for all of them.  Some of them showboat and play to the camera.  Some seem embarrassed and seem to shrink into the background.

I am racking my brain to remember what happened last year when the feeds started.  As I recall, all cameras were trained on the backyard, and there was  lot of drama about Annie whispering about someone who had done something horrible to her.

Turns out it was Captain Kosher.  And turns out Annie should have played a bit more under the radar.  Maybe someone should have even explained to Annie what radar is....

For BB11, when the cameras came on Lydia was putting on a big show of dressing up in satin polyester lingerie and tons of makeup (more than usual for her).  She was directing Jordan to do the same, and then she bossed her into parading around the backyard.  Can you imagine Jordan doing that now?  Does that even sound like her?  Certainly not.  Point being that it takes awhile for them to settle down and start showing their true personalities.

I wish some of the former houseguests would fill us in on the time frame between entering the house and when the feeds go live, from a production standpoint.  Is there a lot of music playing?  Interaction with production?  Constant discussion of the rules?  Scripts and rehearsals?

I would imagine that casting has moved into the final stages.  This means lots of sequestering in motels.  Room service.  In-room movies.  Traveling to and fro with the other inmates in shackles, instructed to remain silent.

I find Big Brother fascinating.  I would NEVER do it myself.  I'm way too private for that.

I hope to god we don't have any cheesy twists like the fucking Saboteur.  Remember that shit?  Douchchills for days!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Semi-Finalists Have Been Notified,

per Robyn Kass, head of Big Brother casting, but no final decisions have been made.

Robyn Kass' Twitter

The new season will premiere on July 8th......

Yep, just about a month away.  Where does the time go?