Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Upcoming Superpass Interview

I'm sorry to miss this one, but my subscription runs out at midnight tonight....

SuperPass Interview with Kristin

I listened to this last night while I worked and Kristin was pretty good---very upfront and direct.
She isn't ruling out hooking up with Hayden, but says that "not much has happened" since the finale.  She dispute's Hayden's account of the way things went down with his mother, saying that she "heard with her own ears" what his mom said about her.

She got compliments on her fashion, but admits that she wore the hat so she wouldn't have to do her hair.  As they say, "a courageous choice" by Kristin, IMO.
She is back in Philly right now but is considering moving to LA.  She has been texting or something similar with Mark Long and doesn't rule out anything with him.  She stayed with Ragan for a few days and absolutely loved where he lived and would hate to live anywhere else in LA, so they might be neighbors one day.  Matt and Stacy also stayed there for one night while she was there.  (West Hollywood)

She sold both hippietards on Ebay.  I don't know what the first one sold for (which came with the wig) but the second one sold this week in a one-day auction for $810.

She has a very positive upbeat attitude that Chelsea and Missy both liked.

That's all I have to say about that...

SuperPass Interview with Lane & Hayden

This is my last day of Superpass access, so I am watching this live interview, taped in Seattle on Sept 23rd.  I have to say I don't really care that much at this point.  The season has ended and I have moved on.
This interview is over two hours long, so I will be summarizing any juicy items while I work on the side.

1.  Hayden seems quite full of himself and is doing most of the talking.  Lane seems kind of pissed or something and isn't saying much, even after being prodded by Missy to speak.

2.  Lane didn't bring a coat to Seattle so he had to buy one the morning of the interview.  The two of them walked through Pike Place Market and had a big fish thrown at them, of course.

3.  Hayden is STILL talking nonstop about Steamboat, and also going to Heavenly for snowboarding.  I guess they are picking up his tab.

4.  Hayden said that "a lot of people don't like Matt, but he might go to Steamboat".  Hayden hopes that won't hurt attendance.  After he said this Chelsia jumped on his ass and told him that without Matt the two of them "wouldn't have been Final Anything" and Hayden is cocky about that too.  She had to point out that Matt won 2 HOH's and if they watch the show they will see Matt's contribution.  They are now saying that the Brigade is only three members now, or three and a half.

Lane:  Three, plus alternates.

5.  Hayden points out that his Mom has nothing to do with him blowing off Kristin (although not in so many words) no matter "what we all read on Facebook".  I also watched Kristin live last night on Superpass (will try to summarize later) and she directly contradicted this, saying she heard what Hayden's mom said with her own ears.  (Hayden is a bullshitter, IMO, and never wants to dish the truth if it is bad news, but what else is new.)

6.  Lane is in contact with Britney.

7.   Hayden's friends have told him that Britney is hilarious but he didn't realize this from just being around her.  Lane agrees.  They showed them the clip of Britney crying after they told her about the Brigade and Lane had never seen that before.    I think Lane looks uncomfortable in the hot seat.

8.  Lane went to an open casting call to get on the show.  Hayden reports that "he was found" on a plane by CBS.  From what Missy said, I gathered that they wanted him for Survivor but that didn't work out.  Hayden kisses CBS' ass big time and is open to any opportunities that they may have for him.   (I guess he thinks he's this year's Jeff.)

9.  Lane talked to Britney about her house and she is dealing with it the best she can.  She lost "a lot of stuff" and is using her Fan Favorite prize to pay off the note on her car.

10.  They would both love to be on The Amazing Race.  Lane would love to do it with either Hayden or Britney, if asked.

11.  Neither one of them wants to keep in touch with Brendon and Rachel.  Hayden confirmed that the reason why neither of them voted for him is because they were told that Hayden came up with the name Needle Dick for Brendon.  (I don't know who came up with it, but I heard Hayden and Enzo both using it.  Maybe the others, too, but those are the two I saw talking about it.  The DR told them to stop saying it because the footage was unusable, so they started saying "ND" instead.)

12.  I can only assume that Brendon does indeed have a Needle Dick, based on his reaction to this.  Hayden tried to apologize to him and explain, but Brendon didn't speak with him.

13.  Hayden needs to do an internship.  Chelsia asked why wouldn't he do it at Real?  She's going to try to hook him up.

14.  Neither one of them are getting a lot of business offers, but they do have a few charity events lined up.

15.  Some flirty female fans are emailing in for Lane.  One is in Midland TX and Lane offers to take her to get a Brigade Burger.
16.  Hayden is embarrassed about the 'hands under the door' moment with Kristin when he was in solitary confinement.  He thinks it is sappy.  But the girls loved it and Missy said it was a 'turning point for her'.  Hayden just wanted to talk to someone while he was in there, and he had been close to Kristin, so it was cool to talk to her.

17.  Both of Lane's dogs have been returned to his house and they were very happy to see him.

18.  Lane says that "he did not hook up with Carly" and not with anyone else in Vegas.  (Carly was on MTV Fresh Meat and is a friend of Rachel's.  Mark Long reported live in Vegas that he hooked the two of them up and saw them get into a cab together, so who the hell knows.)

19.  Enzo's eating habits bothered Lane--it sounded like a horse eating and Hayden could hear it from the next room.

19.  Lane is blowing kisses to fans who call in, at their request, and doesn't seem to mind doing so.
20.  They were both surprised that Andrew is a doctor, but Lane thought he seemed too smart to be a New Balance salesperson.  Lane knew that Matt used a lot of big words, so he isn't surprised to hear that he was a Mensa member.

21.  Lane's bench press limit was 415 lbs. once, which he described as "4 Britney's".

22.  Lane is being teased about his auto-erotic activity in the shower and has obviously heard a lot about it from people who saw this on the feeds.  Lots of joking calls about him taking a shower.

23.  Hayden took the cash value of the trip to Hawaii instead of the trip, due to the tax impact.  Chelsia gave him shit about sitting there listening to everybody rank on Matt for taking the prizes (that he himself already took).   (I am happy to hear that Hayden has consulted a tax professional.)

24.  Hayden still has Kristin's sunglasses that she left for him.  He may sell them on Ebay.

25.   They don't know of any Brigade merchandise available for sale.  Missy and Chelsea told them that Enzo had Brigade clothing that he wore in Vegas, but they didn't know about it.  (Maybe Enzo is planning to cut them out of this---I wouldn't be surprised...)

26.  Hayden thinks the Brigade is a better alliance than Dick and Danielle in BB8 and doesn't think they would have survived in the BB12 house.  (***whatever***)

27.  Missy pointed out that the first HOH never wins BB, and Hayden may be the only one who did it.

28.  Hayden said he declined to do the Pop Talk Webshow interview because he had been told that he had to clear any interviews in advance with CBS, and he wasn't sure it would be allowed.  His contract with CBS was pretty stiff and there was a lot to lose if he was found to be noncompliant.  Lane did do the interview and thought it was a blast and said it was obvious that he didn't know much about his contract.  (Chelsea had said that the Final Two usually had different obligations and that access to them was more tightly controlled.)  There were rumors that Hayden's mom pitched some sort of hissy fit about the Pop Talk interview but Hayden denies it.  (I think it's true, based on his lies about his Mom's influence regarding Kristin.)

29.  Hayden keeps getting asked about his hair and bangs.  He knows it is an issue and will probably cut it.

30.  Both guys love their fans and want them to reach out on Twitter or Facebook.

31.  Chelsea is taking them out to dinner and teach them more about Twitter.

Hayden:  The more interaction with the fans, the happier I will be!

(That's nice.)