Monday, September 27, 2010

Britney Gets the High Gloss Treatment

on this photo shoot.  She tweeted about it, and posted these pictures today.  She hasn't specified the purpose of the photoshoot, but I'm guessing they are for her book or portfolio, since they are so radically different from her everyday persona.  

Actually, I have no idea what her "everyday persona" is, so your guess is as good as mine.

OK..So Now the REAL Penquin Suit is For Sale

Beware of imitators!  This penquin suit includes a 10 minute phone call, too.  I guess Enzo won't be a penquin for Halloween, after all....

Mmmmm....Taylor Ham.....

The Penguin Suit is For Sale

For a HG so popular with the fans, I would think the bids would be a little higher.  But I guess there was a lot of suspicion about the authenticity of the costume.

Unless it is signed by Enzo, I would be suspicious too.  Meanwhile, the top bid on Ragan's sock puppet has mysteriously dropped to $152, when it was clearly bidding out at $1,000 over the weekend.  (See evidence of the former high bid posted a few days ago.)
Buyers beware!  Many of the items for sale on Ebay right now are fairly generic and could easily be sourced at the mall.  For example, this item....