Sunday, September 26, 2010

Britney Speaks with PopTalk

This is the link to Britney's interview with PopTalk, recorded during the short time she was in Las Vegas after the BB12 season finale.
The PopTalk web show is run by Kevin and Lydia from BB11, but it looks like Chima's Big Hollywood career isn't exactly working out, so she is co-hosting these segments, which were filmed in a hotel room.

This is a good interview---Britney talks about a lot of things, including the fact that her teeth and breasts are "real", her hatred of Rachel and fear of any rabid Rachel fans, and of course, her relationship with Lane.

Kevin has met Nick, Britney's fiance, and says he is really hot and Britney should keep him away from Kevin.

Ragan Cleans House

Well well well.  Dr. Ragan Fox is looking to raise some cash by selling a few BB collectibles.

He's parting with his sock puppet, which was used by Ragan and the other Final Five BB12 houseguests during a punishment related to Lane's opening of Pandora's Box.  With three days and change left to go on the auction, it looks like Ragan will have a nice payday.

Ragan's sock puppet was definitely the plainest of all the sock puppets in the house.  All it really had was that bowtie to distinguish it from any other common sock puppet.  Hayden's had that swingy Fraggle Rock hair, Lane's had that little peace sign hat and beard stubble, Enzo's puppet had whiskers and a little fedora, and Britney's puppet had flowing blonde locks and lots of blue eyeshadow.   Imagine what they would be able to get for their puppets, if they want to part with them?

Can't afford to bid on Ragan's sock puppet?  Maybe you should take a look at his bowtie, then.  That auction doesn't seem to be very successful, but maybe the bidders are more sophisticated and are waiting for the last few seconds to place their bids.