Saturday, September 18, 2010

Backyard Interview with Rachel

This interview was conducted in the backyard after the finale by Missy for  Or SuperPass.  Whatever.  Missy has slowly worked her way through all of the HG and has been waiting for Rachel to come over.
Rachel is still laughing like a hyena even after hours in the backyard.  She is excited that the fans have questions and for some reason Missy passes along a message from Rachel's Mom.  Rachel doesn't ask why or when, however, so I guess she's more tired than she sounds.

Brendon is being interviewed behind her but turns and points, still devoted to her after probably getting the hint that America did not love their showmance.
 R:  Bring it one live feed!  Ha ha ha ha!  Bring it on!!

 M:  Why did you choose to have a showmance so early in the game even though it would put a target on your back?

R:  I didn't choose to have a showmance.....I fell in love!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

M:  That's exactly what Brendon said!

R:  That's so funny! He's so perfect for me, and we connect on so many levels.  Plus he's hot!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Let's get real here!  Ha ha ha ha ha.

M:  I've heard you say don't get between me and my man many, many times!  How has your relationship changed now that you've had the time to spend outside the game?

R:  Oh we have gotten so much closer and I realize that he's the person I want to be with!

M: Wow.  You  and Ragan have had many disagreements. Have you been able to kiss and make up?

R:  No, me and Ragan will never make up because he is petty and he's a baby!  Ha ha ha ha ha.  I've tried to apologize, I've tried to write him letters. But Ragan will not accept any of that so we will not be friends.
M:  When you walked into the HOH and Britney had your hair extensions in, did you not realize that they were laughing at you and not with you?

R:  I knew that they were laughing at me and not with me, but I mean, I just take it with a grain of salt.  Let them drink their HaterAde...I  know they were hating on me the entire time.

M:  Are you looking forward to Vegas?

R:  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I'm so excited to go to Vegas this weekend..and to be back at home...and to be where people love me and I fit in and I have friends.  Everybody in the house hated me and I didn't have any friends but Brendon the entire time.

M:  If you could go back and start over, what would you have done differently?

R:  If I could start over, the only thing I could have done differently is to put up two members of the Brigade.  But I didn't know about the Brigade.  Everybody was so busy hating on Rachel and Brendon nobody paid attention to this huge alliance or the small alliances either.  They just wanted us out.

M:  Did you and Brendon discuss who you were going to vote for in the end?

R:  Um, possibly!

M:  Thanks for talking to me, see you in Vegas!

R:  Yay!   Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Backyard Interview with Ragan

This is an interview conducted in the backyard of the BB house by Missy for  The handler hurries Ragan right over to Missy for his turn.  He marches over wearing his gas station attendant costume.
He goes to the wrong side and Missy has to redirect him to the taped mark.  He is obviously tired and punchy but is happy to hear that Missy is from Superpass.
R:  Awesome!  I actually talk to the live feeds!

M:  You do!  You do!

R:  I would have loved to do it more at 3:00 in the morning, but no one wanted to be alone because of the Saboteur.

Ragan talks about his "special outfit" he is wearing tonight that he wore for his eviction, also.  Hhe says he lost 15 pounds in the house and he was shocked at the way he looked for his eviction.

M:  How did being a Have Not affect your game?

R:  Well, it did affect my game, but in some ways it was an opportunity!  I was a Have Not for 24 days, which is longer than anybody else in the house.  It is difficult to compete when you are hungry, but the cots are worse than eating slop!  They were horrible and I think anybody would tell you that.  The first POV, I was dizzy from hunger and I thought I would pass out on the balance beam.

M:  I'm going to ask you this now...I'm surprised Matt doesn't come over here now..

R:  To give me kisses on my neck?  (laughing)


M:  A lot of the BB fans are upset about your constant badmouthing of other HG. What do you say in your defense?

R:  Awwww... Well, I really didn't ........we didn't have TV or anything in there, so there was nothing to do.  People like Kathy I didn't really mean it, but people like Brendon and Rachel who were horrible to me, I don't feel badly at all and would say the same thing to their face.  Like Rachel's vagina hanging out of her dress....But when people are badgering you because you're gay, you have to do something...

M:  Will you and Matt remain friends and do you find it hard to forgive him?

R:  I think we will be friends for the rest of our lives...he's not like one of my four brothers, he's like the brother.

M:  Oh, here comes Matt.
R:  Matt is a complete douchebag and I can't stand him.  (kidding)

Matt runs off but then comes back and Missy asks them to hug.
R:  Will we hug?  Of course!  We'll do bad things!

Matt mouths "love you Stace" to the camera.
R:  We'll go into porn and we'll do it right here!


Ragan gets serious and says that he believes in BB Karma and that Matt is getting hit with that and Matt knows it too.

M:  Will you go back to being a teacher and what will you say to your students about this?

R:  My classes actually start Monday, and they are on the 4th week of class right now.  I had things set up digitally so they took lectures digitally during the first 4 weeks but Monday I'm back.  I will probably say, ok there is an elephant in the room and talk about Big Brother for about 15 minutes, and then that's it.

M:  Going to Vegas?

R:  I'm on the fence about it.  It made me feel better that Kristin was going..

M:  That's what she said too!

R:  Did she?  I love her. I was worried that everyone would be there with their significant other and I would be alone...

M:  Well, Matt said a threesome is good!

Ragan leers at the camera and says to stay tuned to BBAD.  (I just threw up in my mouth.)

M;  How did you feel about throwing those competitions over to Matt?

R:  Listen..knowing when to lose a competition in BB is more important than knowing when to win a competition. If you win early you put a target on your back.  I knew I wasn't a target those weeks, so I felt okay about it.  Looking back, I would have won the Paint can competition, which Matt was willing to give to me, and I would have put up Enzo and Lane.

M:  Wow.  Then maybe Hayden still would have won...

R:  Possibly.

M:  OK. We've gotten this question many times.  Can you please translate  your tattoo?

(It's written in French.)

R:  What was your guess?

M:  Something about what makes you a slave..

R:  Pretty close.  It's in French...sometimes a dream makes you a's a Liz Phair lyric and it means a lot of different things to me.  Ultimately it means don't become a slave to your objects...own your objects, they shouldn't own you.  In this game, don't become a slave to the game or you will lose yourself along the way..

M:  We saw a different side to you in the last weeks of the game, were you starting to crack?

R:  I started to lose it early--in the first couple of weeks and I wanted to get put on the block and go home.  But in the last few weeks I was okay.  They would all go into the HOH and talk about football, so that wasn't a natural fit for me.  Unlike Rachel, I didn't look for good lighting and camera time..I isolated myself and did a lot of introspection.  This game was such an incredible gift to me..

Missy brings up when Ragan imitated Janelle using "the POV...on myself!"
R:  I love Janelle!  I had to do it properly, because Brendon kept saying things to give a nod to former seasons and he had never even seen them!  It made sense for me because Janelle said that during a double eviction!

M:  You love Janelle?

R:  Yes, you put a gay guy in the BB house and it's impossible that he isn't going to love Janelle!

Missy tells Ragan that Janelle has a show and will be there for the rest of the season (Survivor that is.)  Ragan gives Janelle a shout out and says he wants to hide in her bosom, or something like that.

Ragan says a bunch of stuff about how he cast his vote, and says he actually liked Lane more than Hayden, but that Hayden is a better game player.  Ragan complimented Missy's style, saying she was very natural.  Missy encourages Ragan to flashback and watch his season on

Missy asks if he would be interested in doing Just the Tip and says Britney is in for it. Ragan seems rather hesitant about that and doesn't commit himself.  After all, he is Dr. Ragan Fox.

Backyard Interview with Matt

This is an interview conducted in the backyard of the BB house by Missy for  After Britney departs, Missy looks like she needs a cigarette, but she soldiers on, getting the cameras to pan over to Rachel's backside.
Missy gets back on her mark and even says that after she is finished she wants to go sit on the backyard couches, where the houseguests sit and drink and smoke.  Ha ha.  Go for it.  You get yours, Missy.
Missy hasn't seen Lane or Hayden in the backyard yet, but seems to be waiting for Matt.  She sees Allison Grodner, Executive Producer of BB next door, and knows she is coming over.  Missy doesn't have anything prepared for Allison, but wants to talk to her anyway.
But lo and behold, the handler drags Matt over to Missy and here he is, doing what he is told!

M:  And here he is, the diabolical genius himself!

Matt:  Or not, as I sit here....

Matt has some trouble seeing and getting on his mark but is pleased to hear that Missy is from the Superpass live feeds.  Matt's a fellow feed watcher, too, and gives us a wave once Missy points out where the cameras are.  (And yes, you can STILL hear Rachel laughing in the background.)

M:  I'm sure you're taking a beating tonight with the lie question.

Matt:  What lie?  Ha ha ha.  This is Big Brother!

M:  Did you know you were going to lie before BB started?  Or did you make it up when you walked in the house.

Matt said that he and Stacy talked  about what he would do to win beforehand and drew the line at infidelity, but that's as far as it went.  Then when Matt met Britney and she talked about her fiance, Matt said what he said about Stacy and it was on from there...he couldn't turn back.

M:  I know that Julie asked you about this, but I want to go deeper.  Do you regret the lie based on everyone's reaction to it?

(Really, who gives a shit about the lie at this point?  Why waste MORE time on that stale topic?)

Matt:  No, I didn't need to use it, but it was an ace up my sleeve that I had.  I feel badly that I hurt people, but I didn't know them when I made it up and would never want to hurt them now.
Missy keeps on and on with the questions about the lie and who all has been offended by it, and it is obvious that Matt is so tired of talking about it.  Maybe that is his regret...having to defend himself to people that have never played the game themselves.  (Chelsia wasn't bothered by it, because she's actually played the game before.)

Matt is sighing loudly and wonders if the haters have ever seen BB before.

Matt:  I wasn't injecting anyone with the virus, I wasn't a witch doctor putting spells on people, no one is going to get the disease just because I lied about it.  The people who aren't offended, those people are game players and they should apply next season!

M:  We're off the lie now.

Matt:  All right.

M:  Have Kathy and Ragan forgiven you?  (Is that really "off the lie" Missy?)

Matt:  I don't think Kathy ever will---she's not a big Matt fan.  But Ragan has forgiven and over time everything will be cool.  We'll be cuddling tonight.
M:  After you left, Ragan said that he thought you were his brother..did you know that?

Matt:  That's really nice.  I never thought going into this that I would bond with people like that but I will probably know him forever.

M:  Who would you have taken to the final two?

Matt:  It would have been two game players....probably Enzo because he was the worst player in the house and I could have beaten him.

M:  I should tell you I am Team Enzo.

Matt:  Are you?  I like Enzo, he's one of my best friends in the house, but he wasn't a good player.

M:  Do you think you should have had to win the Diamond POV instead of just it being handed to you?  Was it fair?

Matt:  I wish I would have had to play for it, because I would have won it!  It was a little bit of a curse and I wish I hadn't had to use it, but I was on the block....

M:  Knowing that Hayden and Enzo were going to evict you, why didn't you use the DPOV to put one of them up on the block instead of Kathy?

Matt:  At the time, I don't know how it was perceived, but from the questions that I am getting, people think that I knew I was the low man on the totem pole and that I was going out first.  I knew they were all closer to each other than me, but I just thought they had to put a Brigade member out, not that I was being targeted.  But if I had known what I know now, yes I would have put one of them out!  I'll admit, I got played....

M:  Knowing what you know now, do you regret throwing Ragan under the bus?

Matt:  I totally regret doing that.  It was a big time skeevy move but it is a hindsight thing.  I hope he forgives me now.

M:  I hope you laugh at this one. ...what is the purpose of you putting your hand down your pants?

Matt:  Oh, this is a live feed, you know I like to chill and be comfortable and that is just the most comfortable place to put it.  I wish they had a pocket in your pants right here and then it would be socially acceptable but it isn't.  I would like to make a line of pants that had that....

M:  Didn't Stacy tell you not to do that?

Matt, laughing:  Oh, she probably did!  I don't know...I do it in bars, at home..I'm not conscious of it!  It's comfortable, you should try it!  I'm not moving it around or anything....

M:  You like that question?  Did anybody else ask you that?

Matt:  No, no one else!  It's a live feed thing!  I don't think they showed that on TV!  Do you watch the live feeds?

M:  I do, I go without sleep!

Matt:  Me and Ragan, we would say that we feel sorry for the live feeders because nothing was going on.

M:  Ragan spent many a night in that hammock talking to us...he really showed you his hand.  I'm surprised at that.  He told you a lot about his game.

M:  Will you be going back to your profession?

Matt:  I want to get back to that as soon as possible!  I want life to be normal, if that is possible.  At home, I'm kind of the weird one, so this place was different..I liked it.

M:  Why didn't you tell your HG that you were on Average Joe?

Matt:  OMG, you know about that?  It was such an insignificant part of my life.  I did tell Ragan and we would laugh about lines from that show.  I don't even have a copy of's lost in the archives.  We both want to see it so maybe we will find a copy of it.  I told Britney too and we laugh about it.

M:  How happy were you that Ragan gave you those two HOH's?

Matt:  Oh, touche!  Giving it to me!  Let's get him over here and see what he says about that! 

Matt mentions the live feeders watching the competitions and says that Stacy doesn't watch the live feeds.

M:  Oh yes she does! 

Matt:  She really does?

M:  She really does.  She calls into our show on Superpass, too.

Matt:  No!  (genuinely shocked)  This is so funny to me, because before she left she told me she is proud of me but she never wants to be on TV or involved with anything about it.
M:  You know Chelsia? Who did you pre-season interview?

Matt:  Yes?

M:  She has a great relationship with Chelsia, and...

Matt:  NO WAY!  Oh my god my wife was playing it so cool..."I don't want to be a part of this!"
M:  I guess Expect the Unexpected with her too!

Matt feels to win you need to be a dirty ruthless player...he likes that Hayden looked him right in the eye and lied to him.  That's why he voted for Hayden--he played dirty!

M:  Get this...I was Team Enzo, and Chelsia was on....ready?.....Team Matt!

Matt:  Really?  Well I'm on Team Chelsia!  We'll have a Superpass Battle!

M:  It was fun with us going back and forth when you were up...

Matt can't believe that Enzo and America think that Enzo was the one who created the Brigade.  This is really killing him.

Matt:  If that is true, why is he the only one without a side alliance?  How could he figure that out?  You tell me...he didn't even understand the Brigade!

M:  He formed a side alliance with Brendon!

Matt:  But that was Week Six!  No good!

Now Matt is saying that he never watched the live feeds and didn't know that he could flash back and watch it.  (Really??? I heard him tell Ragan that he watched every season!)  Matt plans to get Enzo and they will all hash out the Brigade formation issues live in person.

He jokes for Missy to give us all his email address and leaves with a smile on his face.  I think that was a tough interview for him, at least through 2/3 of it.

Backyard Interview with Britney

This is an interview conducted in the backyard of the BB house by Missy for  After Missy's last interview, she looked around for Britney and said she really wanted to talk to her, because "she's such a little spitfire".
The camera found Britney and panned over to her, where she is being interviewed by someone else.  She looks so tiny over there in her sparkly dress.
Missy killed some time showing us some of the props in the backyard, like the big hotdog on the giant fork and the Wanted poster.  Missy vamps as well as she can while she waits for Britney to be steered over to her.  Missy says the guy in the poster looks like Lane, and she's right.  Missy points out that the hammock is missing from the backyard tonight.
And now here comes Britney, but first she poses with this handsome reporter.  Damn, he's cute!
Here she is, stepping on the tape effortlessly and shaking hands with Missy.  She's a pro from her pageant experience.
She is so thrilled to win the America's Choice prize and says it's a great consolation and a big honor as a longtime fan of the show.  With the $10K she won for finding the gold coins, it's a nice prize.  She has no definite plans for the money, but says she could use a vacation.

M:  This wasn't a vacation for you?

B:  No...I think it was for some people, who maybe didn't play very hard...

M:  Oh, so tell us who?

B, laughing:  Some people just hung out all summer, while others had to work hard...but me, I got put on the block on Weedk #2--I didn't get to skate by.
M:  How was your life in the jury house with Rachel?  Did you bury the hatchet?

B:  No, we really didn't.  But I didn't see her that much because she was with Brendon the whole time and that's the good news.  And I had Ragan there...I'm not going to say that her laugh didn't resonate through the house, but at least it wasn't a suicidal situation.

M:  How do you think your Razorbacks are doing this season?

B:  Really good...

M:  Two wins so far!

Britney celebrates the two wins and has a genuine moment of joy now.  This is breaking news for her--no one has told her yet.  (She talked about her team all season and goes to all the games.)  She's all about "the W's".

M:  OK...are you ready for this?

B:  OK.  Bring it.

M:  If you weren't engaged,..

B:  Would I be with Lane now?  (in a singsong voice)

M:  Well, would there have been romance with Lane?

B:  I don't think so!  Lane is my friend--we are great friends!  And I'm engaged!

M:  Well, kudos to you for being engaged, and I think you handled it really well.  But I hope you get to watch the feeds and see what we all saw.

(You can tell that Britney has been asked the same questions over and over and over again tonight.)

M:  Do you think that Nick appreciated the offer from Enzo for one punch?

B:  He probably would like to take him up on that (looking over her shoulder).

M: You haven't seen Nick yet, is that correct?

B:  I haven't gotten to see him, or even talk to him yet.

M:  Well, when you do, you're going to have to let us know how it goes.

B:  OK.

M:  Your diary room session were incredible and over-the-top funny.  Have you ever considered comedy?

B:  I have never considered that.  That was just me, what was going on in my head, coming out of my mouth. It was like therapy for me!

M:  Well, America looked forward to your DR sessions...above everyone else, so thank you for that.

B:  Oh!  Thank you!

M:  OK...get ready...when Rachel returned to the house for 24 hours, you said it must have been edited (your goodbye message).  Did you make htat up?

B:  Well, duh!  I didn't anticipate her coming back into the house, so I had to get crafty there and I think she bought it....My message to her was totally mean!

M:  Some of the things that you and Ragan said about the other HG were pretty catty.  Do you think the other HG will feel when they watch the shows?

B:  They probably won't appreciate it,, but c'mon!  C'mon!   But they should watch themselves and see what we were talking about....

M:  When the Brigade outed themselves, most of America felt for you.  You say you have forgiven them, but did you?

B:  Yes.  When they told me I needed some time to cry, but I didn't want to have a terrible time at the end of my time in the house, so I chose to err on the side of positivity, which doesn't usually happen.  I didn't want to ruin my friendship with those guys, so I kind of got over it.

M:  What gave you the idea for Just the Tip?  The fans loved it...

B:  Oh good!  We want to take it global!  We just wanted to regroup at the end of the day and get our thoughts out, so we decided to do a talk show.  I'm going to miss it and I wish we could do a stream from our living rooms or something.

M:  Would you like to do Just the Tip maybe on Superpass?

B:  Uh, yeah! I would love to do Just the Tip!  We should do a finale version of Just the Tip!

M:  Okay.  You'll be hearing from us soon.....If you could go back and do anything over in the house, what would it be?

B:  I would have won one of the last competitions and gone to the Final Three, absolutely.  I should have won one of those and that's my big regret.

M:  What's your favorite season of BB?

B:  Without a doubt, Allstars!  I liked season 6 and  2, and 8, but Allstars was my favorite.

M:  Would you want to be on Allstars Two?

B:  Don't even talk to me about that right now...I'm just barely removed from all of it and need some time.  Don't be talking to me about Allstars right now, please!  I'm feeling feisty already, just talking about it.  I feel DR Britney coming back!

At Missy's request, Britney hangs herself for the camera one last time.
Missy asked if she would see her in Vegas and Britney said she wasn't sure, she didn't know what the plan is yet.

(No mention of the fire whatsoever....)