Friday, September 17, 2010

Backyard Interview with Kathy

This is an interview conducted in the backyard of the BB house by Missy for  Kathy comes over and has to look down to find the taped mark.
Missy gets right to it.

M:  I wasn't going to ask this, but now that I'm looking at you, how do you get your eyelashes so long?

K:  They just grow....after I got sick and my hair started growing back, they just grew.  Clinique mascara helps, too!

M:  How differently did you see Matt after he told you about the lie?

K:  It was real deep.  I was real upset and cried for a few days and couldn't look at him.  I feel real bad for people who were sick and I'm a forgiving person but I can't say I will forgive him.

M:  You seemed sick in the BB house.  You looked great in the Jury House, but in the house you looked sick.

Kathy mentioned being on an IV right before coming in the house, and all the bruises she got in the caramel challenge.  She says that the first competition was hard and she probably shouldn't have participated since she was just on an IV.  But she says SHE THREW all the rest of the competitions on purpose so she wouldn't have a target on her back.

(Uh, okay.)

M:  Are you going back to the sheriff's department?

K:  I'm plannin' on it, unless  you know somethin' I don't.

M:  Oh I don' did everybody proud.

M:  Are you shocked that Ragan was the 2nd Saboteur?

K: was funny to see him put that letter there on TV tonight.

M:  Did you know that Enzo thought the 'S' stood for the Sheriff?

Kathy cracks up at that and thought it was great.  She has been a cop for a long time and she knows not to leave evidence layin' around like that if you did somethin' wrong.  She was in that room cleanin' that day and wouldn't have left that note layin' right there.

M:  Why do you smoke?

K:  That's probably the worst thing that I brought in to the house.  I'm so embarrassed.  I smoke.  I wish I could stop but I just haven't.  I knew I wanted to come in the house and show people that you can beat cancer and here I was smokin'.

Missy tells her that her friend Natasha has a fan page for Kathy and that she has millions of fans.  Kathy loves that.  (Natasha is a frequent caller in to Missy's show.)

Kathy says that Hayden reminded her of her son Shane and she just loved him and felt that he was so genuine the whole time.

K:  Hayden is an amazin' man, an amazin' man.

M:  In the Jury House, were you wearing Rachel's clothes?

K:  Yes, busted.  We were running short on clothes so I did wear some of hers!

As Kathy leaves she says how excited she is to have a fan page---she had no idea she would have that.

Missy has really won me over with these interviews.  After each HG leaves she looks around for the handler/producer whose job it is to grab the HG and steer them over to Missy's area.  While she does this she effortlessly sums up the interview she just had, like "Kathy wore some of Rachel's clothes, and she's a smoker!" and "Andrew's going to work on Brendon's toe for free, and he's goin' to Vegas!"

It's quite charming, actually.

Backyard Interview with Andrew

This is an interview conducted in the backyard of the BB house by Missy for  As mentioned earlier, Andrew really seems to be enjoying himself and is very flirty with Missy.  When she asks him to stand in a particular place, he steps very close to her and asks her if that is okay.

She tells him that she interviewed him for Happy Hour and he immediately thinks of Chelsia and wants to know where she is.  Missy assures him that he will see Chelsia in Las Vegas.

Andrew:  I love Vegas...I'm going to go party it up in Vegas!

Missy:  I've got some questions for you..are you ready?

A:  Bring it on..give me all the hard ones.  But don't ask me any questions about Ragan..I won't answer them.

M:  Oh really?  Good...okay.

(Don't know if he is kidding or not, but he is a big jokester.)

M:  What was the most difficult part of being in the BB house?

A:  The down time...I'm a very mental person and there is nothing to do.  That's why I was cleaning all the time..I missed my daughter a lot.

M:  We're not going to talk about your daughter here's only fair to her..We'll touch on that in Vegas and I can't wait for you to show me some pictures.

(WTF?  Did Andrew's Ex slap BB with some sort of restraining order?)

M:  Will you or have you returned to your profession?

A:  I'm a worker.  I'm back in the office...that's my life.

M:  Are people asking you about BB?

A:  Yes, I've got a few patients like that, but at least I get a co-pay.

Andrew says that both Brendon and Matt have horrible feet but he couldn't say anything in the house.  Apparently Matt had some sort of accident and had nails removed?  (Maybe that explains the footie pajamas.)  He welcome Brendon in for free treatment of his toe.

M:  Why did you out Kristin and Hayden, instead of using that information to get them to vote for you?

A:  How could I be sure they would vote for me?  I wanted Brendon to know that there was another alliance in the house so that's why I did it.

Everyone calls him Captain Kosher now and he even has a T-shirt that says that--all the proceeds go to charity and he's okay with the nickname.  Hayden made it up.

When he was crying in the Have Not room he was thinking about his family and was missing them.  He has a lot of respect for Brendon, but honestly disliked Rachel and couldn't take her.  He will respect their relationship though, because of his friendship with Brendon.

He had fun the first week of BB, even though everyone thought he was the Saboteur and that he was creepy.
When he leaves he mentions Chelsia again and wants Missy to pass along that to Chelsia.  Missy asks us, the viewers, if we think she should do that. Chelsia is on set, but not in the backyard right now.  Maybe Andrew's engagement didn't work out, after all, because he seems to be on the prowl.

We can hear Rachel laughing in the background.  Missy isn't nervous anymore.

(You're doing great, Missy.)

Backyard Interview with Monet

This is an interview conducted in the backyard by Missy from Real.  Missy is waiting for her next HG to come over and says she hears some bickering next to her between Andrew and Matt.  The camera pans over and I think that is Matt Maynard from WeLoveBigBrother with the microphone.
I think Dr. Andrew Gorden seems to carry himself with a lot more confidence than Shoe Salesman Andrew, don't you?

Now it's Monet's turn to be interviewed, and she sulks over to Missy and gets into position.  She is tugging at that black skirt a lot, pulling it down while getting on the mark.
Missy asks her the same general questions---was it hard to watch yourself on TV, how did it feel to have fans, etc.  Same old stuff, and same old answers.
M:  Who were you rooting for to win?

Monet, pausing way too long:  Um.....I think that I was rooting for Britney or Ragan.  When they were eliminated, I was rooting for Lane.

M:  How surprised were you that Hayden won?

Monet:  I wasn't surprised at all.

M:  I hear that laugh all the way across the yard (Rachel) was that answering that question from Julie tonight?
Monet:  She definitely showed her displeasure (Rachel) and when Julie asked that the house you say things that you definitely wouldn't say in the everyday world, so it comes from emotion and has to come from somewhere! 

M:  You showed your emotions tonight!

Monet has been doing a lot of interviews and modeling lately, and can attribute that to the show.

M:  I like your hair!

Monet:  You do?  Well, one person doesn't!  I read on the blogs...

M:  You read the blogs?

Monet:  Yeah..they tell you not to, but I did.

Monet wouldn't change anything she did on the show.  She won $10 G's and many didn't win anything, so she's okay with that.

Monet:  Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to stay longer, but I'm glad I didn't leave emptyhanded!

M:  What are you going to do with the money?

Monet:  I'm trying to save it, but it's hard. 

When she got home she wanted to shop but nothing was open but Walmart or Walgreens.  She went to Walmart and bought facial cleaner and hand weights.

And that's the end of that interview!  Short and sweet.

Backyard Interview with Annie

This is a backyard interview conducted by Missy for
 Annie is very happy to meet Missy in person and gives her a hug and is very animated  tonight.  No pun intended.
Missy gets right into it with the questions.  

M:  So, did you have the choice to be the Saboteur?
A:  Well, what do you think!  No....I can't actually talk about that.  Let's just say I knew going in that I was going to be the Saboteur.

Annie knew that everybody loved Hayden all season so it is no shock for him to win.  Annie was on Team Enzo because he was the one who really pushed for her to be evicted---she respects that.  Missy is in love with Enzo and talks about him all the time so she is pleased with this.

M:  Was it hard to watch the show after you were evicted?

A:  It was so hard!  It also got me interested in the arts again.  I was a theater major in college, so I'm really motivated now and seeing myself helped me change some negative that part was good.  I'm taking a step in that direction--the arts--now.

M:  Staying in Miami?  Moving to LA?

(Actually she lived in Tampa.)

A:  Moving to LA!  Yay!  It's going to take 5 or 6 months, but it will happen.

M:  If you could have chosen one person to hook up with in the house--male or female..

A:  To hook up with?  Kristin!  She's beautiful and I love her.

M:  She looks hot tonight!

A:  She does!  She looks hot tonight!

M:  If you could go back and start over, what would you change about your game?

A:  I would have held back on telling some of my stories.  My life has been extraordinary and some of the HG didn't believe me or thought I was the subway story.  So I would have kept my mouth shut in the beginning a lot more!
I guess Missy has a short time limit with each HG, because they were really hitting it off and Annie had to go.  I like Annie much more now than when she was in the house.

Backyard Interview with Kristin

This interview was conducted in the backyard after the finale by Missy for  The backyard is filled with memorbilia from the compeitions---the big hot dog forks, the paint can, a Dead or Alive sign, etc.  Missy is a big fan and thinks the pool and everything else looks tiny compared to what it looks like on TV.
I started watching the unedited interview tape, so Missy is filling time until the first HG comes over.  Kristin is her first victim, and she looks bored as she comes up, yanks up her dress, and takes her position on the tape as instructed by Missy.

Then Kristin is All Smiles!
Missy doesn't have any questions of her own from Kristin, but has some from the fans.

M:  Was it difficult watching the show once you were evicted?

K:  It was so hard---I just missed the jury by one week, and seeing those competitions that I would have been so good at--I would have won HOH!

M:  Have you eaten any more spiders?

K:  No, I haven't.

M:  How does it feel to have fans?

K:  It feels great.  I feel like I have a lot of them and that helped coming out of the house.

M:  What are your true feelings for Hayden?

K:  What you saw on the feeds was real---I don't know anything beyond what you saw on TV tonight.

(i.e. I guess she hasn't had any time with Hayden since the broadcast ended.  But if you watched the backyard footage last year, you saw that Jordan looked like she was blowing off Jeff, big time.  Jeff said that , too.  I think the winner is pulled in so many directions that they can't even think about that stuff.)

M:  Well, you were very cute together and I hope it works out.
K:  Thank you.

M:  Do you think keeping the showmance a secret isolated you from the house.

K:  Yes, it did.  Blah blah blah blah.

M:  Who will you stay in contact with?

K:  Ragan and Kathy. 

M:  Why Ragan?

K:  I should have aligned with him from Day #1.  We have a lot of the same values and strategies.

M:  And he's standing right next to you, listening!

K, laughing:  Yes, he is!

M:  Are you still angry at Andrew?

K:  No.  He didn't do that necessarily to hurt me...I forgive him.

M:  Floaters grab your life vests....

K:  That doesn't pertain to me!  I had a showmance!

Kristin watched some of the live feeds and gives a shout out to Room 92---her best friend's mom's room.  This interview ended kind of early, I thought.  Kristin has already been a guest on Real and interviewing her isn't a Big Get at this point, I think.

Backyard Interview with Brendon

This is one of the interviews in the backyard--conducted by Missy.
I have to say---Missy didn't waste any time and got right to it.

M:  How do you feel about Hayden, since you didn't vote for him?

B:  I don't have a lot of respect for him.  I was hurt by the things he and Enzo said about me in the house.  I respect his competitive aspects, but not the personal aspects.

(I guess Ragan told him about the Needle Dick nickname...they were laughing about getting Brendon to chant ND ND on live TV and he had no idea what it meant!)

M:  I'm surprised you voted that way...and Rachel, too.  Did the two of you discuss it?

B:  Well, everything that happened to her happened to me..when she heard about it she was upset, too.  Because he pretended to be our friend....

(Who else saw Brendon and Rachel say OVER and OVER that they wanted the strong competitors to win?  I can only assume that Brendon indeed has a Needle Dick...otherwise why would he be so angry about this?)

Now Missy tells Brendon that she has some questions from the BB Fans for him.
M:  Why did you choose to have a showmance so early in the game, since it put a huge target on your back?

B:  I guess the best answer is that I didn't choose chose me.  I fell for Rachel right off the bat and it was something I couldn't control.  She wanted to use the POV to save made me fall in love with her.

M:  You endured many punishments....shaved head...chum bath....what did you hope to gain by chaining yourself to Britney?

B:  I wanted to stay in the game.  And I did stay, another week.  I wanted to be close to Britney so someone else couldn't get in her ear, and I did.

M:  How annoying was it when Kathy would interrupt you and Rachel's  "private time"?

B, laughing:  I wasn't so much annoyed with her, as just thinking 'what are you doing'?  I would never talk ill of her, I love her to death.  I was like, 'really?'

M:  Are you ready for this one?  Brace yourself...CBS interviewed your ex-fiance and she said she was Team Rachel and that everything you said to Rachel, you have also said to her before.  What do you have to say about that?
B:  Well, she was my fiance, and I loved her.  So if she heard me say that to Rachel, then....there's a lot of stuff that I've said to Rachel that I never said to my ex-fiance....

Brendon admits that he didn't know UNTIL NOW about this interview with his ex and he is taking it pretty well, considering.  (Good job Missy--you have balls.)

M:  Sorry about that, but you needed to know.

B:'s okay......It's a huge shock for me, and a huge stepping stone for her, to be on the side of the girl I'm currently in love with..that's huge.

M:  Did you know that Britney nicknamed you The Neandertol?

B:  It doesn't surprise me.  There are a lot of reasons that I didn't care for her inside or outside the house...

M:  A lot of people are talking about your toe. Did you ever consider seeking the advice of the podiatrist Andrew about this?

B:  Now that I know he is a podiatrist, I will definitely be seeking his help.  I have the ugliest feet, and I always have, due to all the running... (true--distance runners always have jacked up toenails)

Brendon talked again about voting for the best social skills..yadda yadda yadda...

M:  Thanks for hours of entertainment.  Any words to say to your fans and haters?
Brendon gave an eloquent answer thanking all of us and saying that being in the house is unlike anything you can ever imagine.  Unless you've done it, you don't know....

(I have to say I am impressed with Missy's ballsy interview skills.  There may have been a lot of filler talk that was edited out before Real posted this, but the end product was pretty good.  There are nearly 2 hours of backyard interviews on Real, which I will be working through this weekend as I can.)