Thursday, September 16, 2010

CBS Interview with Enzo

This is the link to Enzo's CBS backyard interview.  Enzo is super-charged in this interview, waving his hands around and doing the Enzo Routine non-stop.  He wanted Lane to win the final HOH and then he would have gone to the Finals and won.  He gives Hayden props, but likes Lane better "because he's funnier".

He wants to be on movies, he wants to be on Howard Stern (not a chance) and wants to tell all the fans he loves them.  Oh, and he is also going to be on BB Allstars (according to Enzo).
I think he needs to switch to decaf.  That Enzo, he's a character. 

CBS Interview with Britney

Here is the link to Britney's interview with CBS.  You can't hear the questions, but any fan will figure out what they were.  Britney is thrilled to be America's Choice, and has to discuss for the umpteenth time her relationship with Lane.

She also gets in a few more digs at Rachel, by telling future contestants to go hang around with some scuzzy people to get ready for the show.  You can hear Rachel laughing in the background as she chats with someone else, and see Ragan walking around in his uniform behind her.
At the end you can hear Rachel laughing and talking about Survivor, and Britney thinks she is stuck in a nightmare.  Funny.  Very good end to the interview, because it is on Britney's terms, not CBS'.

Kristin Works Hard For the Money

in this Toyota commercial for her local dealer.  Just around the corner from the mall! 

She's actually pretty good in this commercial, which aired locally during Monday Night Football.  A big deal indeed in the Pittsburgh area.
No wonder she was so cocky about the continuation of her showmance with Hayden.  The girl has lots of options.....

Let's Relive the America's Favorite Prize Again...

Here is a link to the YouTube clip of Britney being awarded the $25,000 prize as America's Favorite Houseguest.

It's only 46 seconds long, but we get to see Hayden and Kristin embracing (note how she's watching the camera, not Hayden) and Rachel's reaction to Britney's win.

Rachel's not too happy about it.....

Reality Wanted Interview with Hayden

Here is the link to Hayden's interview with Reality Wanted.  He is clearly enjoying talking to this girl, and all of the attention from the media.  Hayden is Mr. Personality now, all of a sudden.

He thinks Lane has a "kindergarten" crush on Britney, and really backs off on the whole Kristin "showmance" issue, looking around wildly when her name comes up.
The interviewer calls him on that, and reminds him that he was laying on the floor playing kissy-face with Kristin while holding hands under the door.  Hayden claims he was in Solitary Confinement---what was he gonna do?

Hayden is keeping his options open for the future.... He has one more semester at ASU, but is begging for an internship and a job, maybe even at Reality Wanted.

CBS Interview with Kristin

Here is the link to Kristin's CBS interview.  She looks great--the professional hair and makeup makes a huge difference with her.  She is now claiming that she was "onto the Brigade", but that Matt's lie about his wife's illness was the most shocking thing in the season.
Of course she still wants to hook it up with Hayden.  In my opinion, Hayden isn't going near that again, even for one night.  His mother and sister are out there with him, and I think they will ensure he steers clear of her.

Maybe one weak moment in Vegas, but I guess Hayden can blame that on the alcohol, huh?

CBS Interview with Annie

Here is the link to the CBS interview with Annie.  Annie accepts her fate in the game, and isn't allowed to say very much about how she was selected to be the original Saboteur. 

She says that her original plan to tone down her personality in the house went right out the window and caused her to be a target.  Annie is surprisingly likeable here.  I'm surprised.

CBS Interview with Hayden

Here is the link to Hayden's CBS interview.  He is very bubbly and excited, as you might expect.  Someone needs to talk to him about that greasy wet look---it ain't working for him.

He sounds like he is taking a pass on Kristin.....see what you think.  I'm sure her comments during the finale didn't help anything--she certainly sounded like she's been sowing her oats and why would Hayden want to sign up for that?
I've been watching Hayden all summer and I've never seen this level of personality coming from him.  During the interview there were a few girls standing around, staring at him.  Everybody wants a piece of the winner, Hayden. 

CBS Interview with Matt

Here is the link to Matt's CBS interview in the backyard.  Matt seems easy for them to interview--they just ask a question and off he goes.  Lots of hand motions and emotions there.  And he has the balls to own what he did in there---he said before the season started that he would lie cheat and steal to win, and that's what he did.

Matt:  ....these jerks, they probably all said the same thing before they went in there....strategically, I have no regrets.

Matt is sticking to his story that he is the "Father" of the Brigade and can't wait to see how CBS twisted the editing to make it look like it was all Enzo.  He hasn't been able to see Stacy yet, but hopes he is still married.  He thinks his relationship with Ragan will survive and jokes about Stacy letting him take Ragan home with them.

The Morning After

The backyard interviews aren't archived yet, but when they are I will be watching and recapping here.  CBS has a bunch of post show interviews up...let's start with Rachel.
 Here is the link to Rachel's backyard interview with CBS.  These interviews are kind of glitzy, with snazzy background music and no big surprises.  Rachel's makeup looks great.
Lots of love talk about Brendon, and it sounds like she has finally accepted that the Brigade existed and bested her.  And Ragan refused to even speak to her in the Jury House, and skipped dinners specifically because she was there.  She claims to have written him letters to make up but he has ignored them.  (I hope he saved those letters.....Ebay Ragan, Ebay....)

What did she do to him that was so bad?  Was it worse than the things he said and did to her?