Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of Lane's Dogs Is Missing

I think they found Tucker, but Vivian is still missing.  I think this is a tweet or Facebook post from Lane's family.


I Don't Miss Kristin at All

It's funny, the BBAD cameras scan her body for a few minutes, but then the cameras go where the conversation is, which is NEVER near Kristin.
It's also funny to see Rachel all covered up, and not with Brendon.  During this point in the game, Brendon was doing things like spending hours at a time in the hammock with Annie.
And it is nice to see Matt having extended conversations with all of the other houseguests, not just Ragan.


I just came home from work and turned on my feeds.  Imagine my surprise to see Matt in the kitchen talking to Enzo, Lane and Britney.

Matt is back!!! 

However,  I heard Britney discussing Monet and Andrew still being in the house, so I went on Jokers to find out what the hell is going on.

Apparently the eviction is happening today, and then part one of the HOH contest.  Superpass flashed a message onscreen saying that the feeds will be blacked out until Wednesday night's CBS show is over.

I think they did this in past years, but I don't remember for sure.  Anyway, they are currently replaying a BBAD show from the first week in the house, maybe even the first night.  Which is kind of refreshing and certainly more action-packed than what might have been showing on the feeds today.

I'm okay with it.  Maybe I can even get excited and surprised about what is going to happen next.  As a live feed watcher I am used to not having any surprises, so this will be refreshing.

This kind of makes sense, because once Hayden won the POV, they were all dreading being around Britney until her eviction.  Enzo said something like "all we have to do is get through tomorrow, and Monday, and that's it".  I mocked him at the time, but I guess he was right.  They all knew that the eviction would happen on Tuesday.

Now BBAD isn't even on the feeds--technical difficulties have reared their ugly heads.....