Monday, September 6, 2010

Let's Stroll Around the Feeds

Now playing on two cameras:  Lane staring at us while listing to the white rapper.

And this on the other two cameras:
No shit.  Well, someone's probably shitting right now, but not me.

Do You Think I'm Kidding

about how bad the feeds are now?  Well, this is showing on two cameras.  I think the lump is Enzo.
And this is on the the other two cameras.  C'mon now...

Lane is Rapping

for quite a while now, listening to Hayden's Eminem CD.  He nods and shakes his head, rolling his eyes every so often.  But he never moves his lips along with the words.
Britney is playing solitaire with the deck of cards that they all begged for.  I know Mama Haynes is freaking out over those roots.  Surely she won't have her big Live Show moment looking like that?
The other two HG are napping in the Jumanji Room.

The Cameras Have Fun With Britney

while they still can. 

Are You a Real Subscriber?

If so, don't forget to evaluate your subscription.  And do it soon.

For example, this summer I bought the three month Big Brother Superpass---I only subscribe to during the BB season.  You can look at your account info online and get the 800 number you need to call to cancel your feeds. 

I learned Saturday that my subscription ends on September 29th, so I called to cancel it after that.  If you don't cancel in time, there is a strong possibility that they will bill your credit card for another three months near the end of your subscription.  It's in the fine print somewhere when you signed up.

I will be sure to watch all of the backyard and other interviews posted before the 29th, when I get cut off.

Every year Real really pulls out all the stops to get you to keep your subscription beyond September.  For example, it was just announced last week that Janelle have a weekly show to cover Survivor, which is one of her favorite TV shows.  She is on her honeymoon in Europe through the end of the month, but I suspect her Survivor show will start in October when she returns.

Last year they had a few live events with Jeff and Jordan---they teased out the "are they or aren't they" drama for as long as they could to string everybody along......

Misc. Useless Information

about BB, of course.

I have been watching the feeds off and on for the last few days, but most of the time there is not a lot going on.  Plus there is a corporate tax deadline on Sept. 15th (BB Finale Day) so I am kind of busy with that.

Some useless information:

1.  I watched that luxury competition play out the other day---the one that was featured on last night's CBS episode.  Those editors sure are good at their jobs.  If you just watched the CBS show, would you have guessed that it went on for hours and hours?  And that the feeds kept getting interrupted over and over so that BB could tell them where the coins WERE NOT hidden.  (i.e. there are no coins in the bedrooms, in the Cabana Room, in the living room, on top of the cabinets, inside any of the cabinets).  It was just Enzo, Lane and Britney hunting for coins for a long, long time.

The three of them discussed telling each other where the coins were hidden, or just giving "hot or cold" hints, and then splitting the money.  But BB told them they couldn't do that.  When Britney found Enzo's coin, he said "Finally!" and was relieved to go outside and sit on his ass with Hayden, who was out there alone for HOURS.

Britney knew that their timing was way off, and that BB expected the whole thing to be over within an hour.  The length of time it took pushed back the normal time for the nomination ceremony.  And at the start of a holiday weekend, too.  Lots of overtime is being paid by AGP this weekend....

By the time it was over, BB was basically telling Britney how to win, because they had limited the possible space where Lane's coin was hidden to the area between the recycling bin and the corner where the dining room table is located.  And it still took her awhile to find it after that.  She must have looked inside that recycling bin at least six times that I saw.

I don't think they told Lane to go outside to look in the trash for Britney's coin, but those producers just wanted it all to be over, I'm sure.  And we all know that the cleaning skills of those HG are really, really shoddy.  If Lane had dumped that trash out again all over the fake grass, coyotes would have probably started stalking the backyard.  As it was they had to be locked down indoors so that the crew could clean up the trash.

2.  Yesterday, the Brigade was making a lot of plans to move as a team around the house until Thursday.  Enzo and Lane DO NOT want Britney to have access to Hayden alone.  And I think we all know why that is.  Hayden was laughing about it and acted like he wanted to be protected from her, too.

3.  They also had a discussion about cheating on the Have Not rules.  Enzo was talking about "putting a piece of chocolate in his pocket and then leaning over to cough".  And then Britney said, "well, the second time..." and then we got DOTS.  I think she was describing her second bout as a Have Not and I guess she had some secrets to share as well.

Is it time for Allison Grodner to reevaluate the Have Not program?  Let's face it, there was blatant cheating this year.  The HG even got all sorts of additional chances to eat (fishsticks, frozen eggplant dinners, etc).  If next year is a BB All Stars year, I think we need to change it up.  I like the idea of depriving the HG of something, but they need to do something like to institute a loud buzzer or alarm that is sounded the moment that someone has cheated on the Have Not program.

Or maybe BB calls them in the living room and announces that within the last hour, one of the Have Nots has cheated, and if they don't confess now, the entire house is on slop.  Maybe the alarm is what makes them go in the living room and they know they are in trouble.  So if they don't confess something bad happens to everyone, but if they do confess something worse happens to them.