Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chicken and Baked Potatoes

Every HG has a different style.  Enzo uses a salad tong and a pair of fingernail scissors.  Yes, fingernail scissors.  He also used these to chop up a tomato which you see on the plate as a garnish.

Hayden uses a wooden spatula, which he actually licks from time-to-time.  Watch those splinters, Hayden.

Lane favors a silver spatula and manages to fit almost the whole thing in his mouth.  Notice you don't see any tomatoes on Hayden or Lane's plate.  Oh hell no.

Britney went a different route.  She shredded up her chicken breast and doused her chicken with A LOT of barbecue sauce.  Then she loaded it up on a bun.  I think she also scraped out the innards of the baked potato and tossed the skin before adding a bunch of shredded cheese and smushing it up.  Kinda yummy, actually.

Looks Like Froot Loops Again To Me

eaten with a large salad tong.

Britney is to Cereal as Amy BB3 is to cheese.

Lane tells her that he recommended in his blog that everyone call their family and tell them that they love them.  They all miss being able to do that.

Ragan is having a quiet moment, which is nice.

Lane Just Blogged

and joked that he said every morning he wakes up to the sight of Hayden and Enzo snuggling.  They all got a big laugh out of that.

Lane put in reassuring messages for both Hayden and Enzo's families.  Enzo loves his and is happy Lane did it.  He jumped up and started rapping, he was so happy.
(I will look out for his blog being posted and include it here in it's entirety.)

Lane mentioned a few websites connected with his families in the last paragraph of his blog.  I'm not sure that BB will let that stay in there, so I poked around and found them for you. -- See the link here.  Lane actually said, but that site linked here.  This site looks like a super cool place to buy rock star clothes for a rock star baby.  Enzo is going there to get some clothes for Baby Gia.  I'm not sure who in Lane's family is connected to this company.

He mentioned another site that I think was called "widdle baby monkeys" but I was unable to find what he was talking about.

Ragan just came outside and was imitating Courtney Love tweeting, and it was so obnoxious and cloying it hurt my ears.  Thursday night can't come soon enough for me.  These guys have to sit and act interested for Ragan's jury vote, but I can just leave the room or adjust my volume.

Lucky me.

No Chatter

Now Hayden comes outside with a sandwich and he and Enzo talk about it.

Enzo:  Swiss and roast beef?.....Bangin'.

Hayden:  Who's pizza is that in there? Ragan's?
Enzo is feeling sassy and points out a camoflaged microphone embedded in something fuzzy above his head. 

BB:  Houseguests, please pull down the shades over the southwest and adjacent windows.  (or something like that)

Enzo:  Again...with the big words!  Southwest and adjacent!

He goes over to the windows.

Enzo:  These?

BB: Yes.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Hayden cooperates, also, then returns to his sandwich.

So Finally Britney Wakes Up

and walks around, and then we go to DOTS for what has seemed like forever.

But it's not DOTS anymore, it is FISH!  I love the new look, even if it keeps us from seeing what is going on in there.  I always find watching a fishtank to be very relaxing.  In BB 5, Nakomis and Diane would pull up chairs to the fishtank (when it was in the living room) and watch the fish for hours.  One of their fish was named Big Mothertrucker, which I found amusing.

Stacy Hoffman Has Her Chance to Speak

tonight on BlogTalkRadio.  She is making an appearance on Sheila's Eviction Prediction show at 10:00 pm EST (7:00 pm BB time).  And yes, that is Big Sheila from BB9---know that!  (ha ha ha)

I have listened to a few BlogTalk Radio chats over the years and they are pretty easy to access.  All you need to do (I think.) is log on to JokersUpdates and the show will start playing automatically at that time.  If you want to surf around Jokers you will need to do it in a different window, because once you leave the page with the live broadcast you will be logged out of the chat.

I know Stacy is going to put her Big Girl Panties on when she calls in.  I think Matt is a popular player with the fans, particularly since he actually tried to play, unlike many of the other BB HG this year.  But there are bound to be a few freaks and weirdos holding on the line, so Stacy please don't let them bother you.  You are the real winner here, because you married a guy in a band.  (ha ha ha  I'm a groupie wanna be!)

Stacy is visitor here on the site, and offered to answer any questions that I (or we?) may have.  I do have a few questions, Stacy if you feel like chatting with us here.  I apologize in advance for any rude questions or comments that may be left here on this site.  Rest assured that I will delete any nasty stuff as soon as I get the chance, or will mock the poster mercilessly.   Which I'm sure your husband would appreciate. 

Stacy has already mentioned that BB won't let her talk to Matt until after the show is over, which sucks. You'd think that once he's in the Jury House she could at least chat with a handler present or something. 

Stacy was also surprised that Jokers wanted her to be a guest----she shouldn't be---her "illness" (or lack of) will be one of the big reveals of the season.  Maybe even more exciting to watch than the Saboteur reveal.  I hope Stacy is ready for Julie to ask some live questions about it during the finale.  Exciting!!!

So...a few questions, because I definitely have an Enquiring Mind.

1.  When Matt won the HOH (either time), did BB ask you to write that letter on the spot?  Or did you have to submit it beforehand? 

I ask that because the cameras showed us a few closeups of Britney's letter, and it looked like her mom might have dictated it or emailed it, since it wasn't signed.

2.  I don't know if you can answer this, but did you and Matt have any hidden codes in your letter? 

I ask this because Evel Dick had lots of coded messages in his HOH letters, and discussed them with the fans live on the Dick-at -Night show. 

I think we will see footage from the Jury House on Thursday.  You just know it is going to be heavy on the Showmance factor.  I visit a website where someone who claims to have inside knowledge says that there will be a 6-7 minute segment on Brendon and Rachel, and that Rachel was pulling a lot of hissyfits about the camera angles and lighting.

***sounds about right***

For Stacy's sake, I hope BB tested all of those HG for STDs beforehand.  Remember when Scott from BB4 had to be removed from the house after losing his mind and throwing a bunch of chairs around?  He said he was upset about having genital warts and all of the girls started crying.  BB had to install one of those toilet seat cover dispensers in the bathroom after that.

Ha ha ha.  The memories...............

Why No New Posts?

Well, this is one reason.  I am on the east coast, but I have visited two clients today, went out to lunch, and just played tennis ball with my dog.

It's after 2:00 pm. 

And this is what is going on in the BB house right now:

Yes, not only are they still in bed, the lights are still off.  This is the time of year when they all start sleeping for over half of the day.  You have to really be in love with someone in the house, or be part of their immediate family to find this interesting.

I'll bet the crew is playing poker or something.