Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lane Cleaning??? WTF???

Ragan's little chat with him must have stirred him up.

Nick's Encounter with the Big Brother Fans

Last night Nick, Britney's fiance, did an online chat on Jokers.  I actually tried to tune in for it, but it was very hard to follow.

Nick was apparently in one chat room with the Powers That Be from Jokers, and everybody else seemed to be dumped in some sort of cesspool chat room where most of the people seemed to viciously hate Britney.  I don't think Nick could read the comments that were made in our room, and I am thankful for that.

I can understand pulling for your favorite guest to win, but to be so insulting and downright nasty in front of someone's loved one....I just don't get it.  I hung in there for about half of the time, but then logged off because I knew they would publish a cleaned up transcript today.  And they did.  And here it is, if you are interested.

I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that Britney and Nick will break up, probably even before Christmas.  It sounds like the entire relationship has been rather rushed---they had only been dating for six months, and got engaged just before she came in the house.  They lived 3.5 hours apart for most of the time they dated, and are just moving in together now (while she's in the house, apparently). 

And it doesn't sound like Britney's mom is that enthused about the relationship.

She's only 23, and from watching her on the feeds, she has stars in her eyes.  She loves world travel, and has always dreamed of being famous in the entertainment industry.  I have heard her say that "Nick has never been anywhere". 

One of the telling points in the interview is when Nick says that losing the game will be her biggest regret, along with opening her legs too much when she's on camera.  Also that she will not be going to Steamboat for the vacation they keep talking about now.

Sorry Nick.  Just being honest.  Prove me wrong.

Ragan Still Talking....

but now he points out to Lane that Enzo and Hayden are already working him for a jury vote.  Enzo spent over two hours with him the other day, and Lane "is a fool" if he doesn't see what is going on right in front of him.

It's hard to tell how Lane is thinking, but he points out that Britney always says that Lane would beat her in the end, but he realizes that she won a lot of competitions, and he may not be able to compete with that.

Ragan:  That's why you need to make a bold move now.  (i.e. vote Hayden out).....something that nobody in a million years would see coming.  If Hayden goes to the jury house, stunned, with the DVD that shows Ragan losing POV and on the block but Hayden getting evicted.....it's the move that nobody expects....it would be Lane playing the game for Lane.

Lane is listening, that's for sure.  Ragan feels like he's made his case, and doesn't want to beat a dead horse.

Ragan:  I'll let you kind of marinate in it.......but it's a big, big decision and this would be your biggest decision in the game.  I personally think that its a big decision, but it's an easy one to make. The hardest part will be the follow through...

Lane:  Say you're in my shoes, and you have Britney and Matt up there. Who would you choose?

Ragan:  Britney.  I would send Matt home.

Lane:  Really?

Ragan:  Yes.  I'm not here to give a half million dollars to Matt.  I'm here to win it.  And I think Matt would understand and forgive me eventually.

Oh wow....they just heard someone yell "Ragan!" from outside the backyard walls.

Ragan:  Did you hear that?  I swear I heard it...that was crazy!

Lane laughs and starts to react, and we get DOTS.  I guess they need to update their software---look at the message in the upper right corner.

Ragan Pitches Lane

outside on the couch.

Ragan:  Are you here to win a half million dollars?  Or are you here to give away a half million dollars?

Now Ragan is starting to talk in circles and says he is going to be painfully direct in some cases.  Lane says that is okay.  

Ragan:  You can't beat either of those boys in the Final Two.  Enzo has played the best social game, and has no blood on his hands, and will win hands down.

Ragan also says that Hayden will get Brendon and Rachel's vote, and Kathy's as well.

Ragan:  Kathy was sucking his dick on the other side of the solitary confinement wall, and he got the longest hug when she left.

Lane is giving Ragan a lot of "uh huhs" and "ah hahs" and his body language kind of says "shut the fuck up and get away from me".

Ragan thinks he would only get Matt's vote in the end (probably not, Ragan).  Doesn't Lane want to be up against one of the two people whom he would annihilate?  (i.e. Ragan or Britney)

Ragan:  At one point, I think that Matt was with you three guys.  The fact that he's not indicates that people are playing the game.

Lane:  Uh huh......right.....okay......uh huh.......

(I have to be honest, I can barely stand to hear Ragan's voice.)

Ragan is Talking to Himself Again

complete with hand motions.  It is hard to hear, but he is planning to try and get Brit to vote for Hayden to leave over him.
He is planning to point out to her that she can't win against any of the boys.

In other more exciting news, I heard Gary Del A'bate of the Howard Stern show comment on the fact that during his eviction interview with Julie Chen, Matt said the phrase "Baba Booey".  A caller to the Wrap Up Show yesterday (8-30-10) asked Gary if he heard Matt say this live on CBS.

Gary doesn't watch Big Brother, but he had obviously heard about it and maybe saw a clip of it.  He wasn't amused.  He didn't like the way it was said because Matt used the term in a negative way.  i.e. Matt told Julie that "he baba booeyed" things and that caused his eviction.

Gary compares this to the way someone might refer to a blow job as a 'Lewinsky'.  He felt about like Monica must feel to hear that.