Monday, August 30, 2010

Surviving Without Utensils

Lane is making do with some kitchen tongs.  Hayden is eating his chicken with bare hands, Cro-Magnon style.
Britney seems delicate by comparison, eating Lay's potato chips and drinking ice water from a square bowl.
No chatter tonight.  Lots of silences.  Not necessarily uncomfortable silences, just not a lot of talking.  Lane douses all of his chicken breasts with hot sauce.

Lane and Hayden both have their own humongous bottles of juice.

Evening in the Backyard

Lane is rocking in the hammock and it is squeaky.

They keep saying it is cold out there tonight.  (Must be nice.)  Hayden is cooking two packages of skinless boneless chicken breasts on the grill and whenever he opens the grill, loud sizzling is heard.

You can see some nice grillmarks on those breasts.

Enzo: If I Don't Win,

I'll probably never watch this show.  But if I win....I'll watch it.  I want to wait until I forget shit, like a month or so, and then watch it.

Hayden:  Oh, I'll watch it...

We had a long DOTS that I think was related to Spencer and Heidi from The Hills.  Supposedly Heidi's ex-boyfriend from Colorado is related to Lane--his name is Colby and he is a virgin.

When we returned Enzo was criticizing her plastic surgery---he can understand getting the boob job, but doing all that work to her face...he just doesn't get it.

Now Hayden is talking to Enzo about winning, and who they should take to the end.  (Seems that Hayden is covering all of his bases with everybody.)

They want the DR to give them Brigade T-shirts to wear at the end of this week.  Lane said a little while ago that it would be too late for Britney to do anything about it, even if she knows.  They all plan to ask the DR for shirts to wear--maybe on Thursday after the live show.

Hayden and Lane Start Plotting

about how to beat Enzo to cut him out of the Final Two.  They are watching the spy screen and talking about how they can "split up the final competitions", with Lane winning one and Hayden the other.

Lane: I need to work out in here---I'm gettin' fat.

Hayden:  When we got up for our last dance at 4:15, I started chomping cookies!

Lane:  I know!  Son you ate a bunch of cookies!

Hayden:  I think Britney's happy that she didn't get nominated.  And keeping her happy is good..

Lane:  Definitely.  Happy is good.  But I don't want her to get to the final three, because that makes me look bad---having one of my side alliances make the final three.

Hayden:  And she can beat us in the Final Three.

Hayden is trying to put Enzo off when he wants to study.  They think they can easily beat him in a long skill, and if "the faces" challenge comes up.

Lane:  She's scared of next week....we can get her out next week.  She was pumping me full of questions yesterday...about me and you.  She hates that I'm friends with you, better than her.  She was telling me that you would beat me in the end.

Hayden:  Did she mention how many challenges she's freakin' won?

Lane:  No, I'm not stupid.  I'll throw her ass under the bus thought, she's 22!

Track #4 is Hard

and they all love it.  ("White Trash"?)

Hayden and Enzo went upstairs and busted in on Lane, who was listening to his Eminem CD.

Enzo:  At least Ragan's speech was good.

They start talking about next week, when Ragan is gone.

Hayden:  Why don't we just win HOH and then not worry about it.  And then win POV and not worry about it.  One of us three is going to win the money in the end...

Enzo: Unless Britney is there..then she wins the money.  I think Britney is hated in that jury house, but I don't think they give a fuck.

They wonder if the Jury will turn on them once they know about the Brigade.

Enzo:  I can see Brendon with his dumb ass....



It really is sad.

Hayden is eating his sandwich and asking questions about it.  Trying to make time pass, I guess.

Enzo explains that the cockpit will hold four people, and the pilot has to have at least 5 years of experience. 

Now he's finished (!) and stretches back to admire his work.

Enzo:  Next project!

Isn't it interesting that Lane didn't put Britney on the block this week?  I'll bet the Brigade members are a little worried about that....

Hayden is Now On the Block

But that isn't hurting Ragan's appetite.
Hayden answers a few (sort of ) insensitive comments from Enzo about how it feels to be nominated.  Hayden actually volunteered to go up as the pawn, so it wasn't a surprise to him.  

Enzo is working on his sad little project--making some sort of airplane out of tinfoil and then decorating it with nail polish.  Maybe he can sell it on Ebay.
Hayden is making himself lunch, using the generic mayonnaise the Big Brother has so generously provided him.  How do you put mayo on a sandwich without a knife or spatula?
I watched him root around in the kitchen drawers and hold up a few things to see if they would work, but then he started kind of humming/singing a song and we got DOTS.  So I guess I'll never know the ingenuity of Hayden.


Ragan Plans a Controversial Speech onThursday

and talks about it with Britney on the patio.  They are on outdoor lockdown.

Britney:  Are you going to accuse Enzo and Hayden of making out in bed at night?

Ragan:  No, something much more controversial...something to make your little ass trip out.....but never you mind.....prepare to be one-up'ed, Andrew!

Britney laughs.  She is eating her beloved cereal with a teaspoon, I think.

Ragan starts to complain about being bored:  They better give us something else soon.

Britney:  We're supposed to be on a lockdown--where's Lane and Hayden?  Did they get murdered?

Ragan:  Hayden's in the shower.

Now here comes Lane, dragging ass out to the couch and saying he's tired.

Britney:  They're sending someone in to spray for ants, obviously.

Now Hayden comes out and the screen over the sliding door starts to slide down.  You can see it is about halfway down in the top left corner of the picture below.

Lane starts smack talking about how famous he is...


Enzo Spruces Up

and takes great pains to ensure his sideburns are equal.
Ragan is showering nearby and farts, announcing it with a giggle.

Enzo:  'S okay.

Enzo moves to the kitchen to put something in the microwave, licking and smacking already.